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  1. Trying to install Mac os Ventura hackintosh on my MSI laptop and whenever i install i am getting the circle with the cross error MSI Laptop GF63 Thin 9SCXR Intel i5 9th gen 9300H Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9560 160MHz - WIFI Intel(R) 300 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 - Intel graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with Max-Q Design - Graphics Card Intel(R) Serial IO I2C Host Controller - A368 EFI folder will be of great help msi iMAGES.zipOnly USB 3 ports are available in this laptop
  2. Success with the HP 240 G8 laptop. Windows 11 Pro and macOS Monterey. Bootloader: OpenCore ver: 0.8.7.. Partially the touchpad with the gestures works, except for the buttons, I've tried several ways to activate it, could anyone help me? Model: ELAN 7303 My .IOREG My Send Me
  3. Todo Funcional. Controladores Correctos. actualizado al día de la Fecha. No Tiene Salida 4k. 4k No trabaja Por ahora.. EFI CLover 5150 DEll 3080 Ventura adjunto por si pueden arreglar por DSDT salida 4K gracias Send me iMac
  4. Comparto EFI para Escritorio Rocket Lake, Actualizado Al Día de la fecha 11/01/2022. controladores y Bootloader recientes .. todo Funcional .. Mapeo con caja Sentey GS-6450. EFI - Desktop Rocket - dGPU AMD - OC078
  5. STATUS: OpenCore 0.8.9 Som (Realtek ALC230) - ✅ CPU (i5-10210U Comet Lake) - ✅ RAM 1x8GB DDR4 2667MHz - ✅ dGPU NVIDIA GeForce MX330 - ❌ Gráficos (HD Graphics 620 1366x768) - ⚠️ WiFi & Bluetooth (Intel AC 9560) - ⚠️ SSD SATA (Kingston A400) - ✅ SSD PCIe NVMe M2 (SSSTC CL1-4D256) - ✅ Webcam (Lenovo UVC Camera) - ✅ USB - ✅ Sleep - ⚠️ HDMI (Áudio e Vídeo) - ✅ Touchpad (ELAN I2C) - ✅ (thanks, @CEEXOTA) Controle de Brilho via Teclas - ✅ Leitor de Cartão (Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader) - ⚠️ iMessage/Facetime - ⚠️ DETALHES (⚠️) : Gráficos: Funcionam normalmente, com aceleração completa (Full QE/CI), porém as cores ficam em 16bit, causando o "Color Banding". Você percebe esse problema mais nitidamente nas Sombras e Transparências (como no Launchpad, por exemplo). WiFi/Bluetooth: Do Catalina até o Monterey a Kext "itlwm" funciona normalmente. Porém no Ventura até o momento a Kext está em fase Alpha, e possui alguns bugs. Mas funciona e dá pra usar. Sleep: Usando SSDT's o Sleep não funciona corretamente. O melhor caminho pra solucionar isso é fazendo o Patch do DSDT do seu modelo de Notebook e utilizando ele. Leitor de Cartão: Até hoje não consegui fazê-lo funcionar. iMessage/Facetime: Depois das primeiras atualizações (OpenCore, Kexts e MacOS) os iServices não funcionam mais. Quando tento logar no iMessage/Facetime ele carrega e volta pra tela de Login, mesmo após uma instalação limpa do MacOS. IMPORTANTE: Não esqueça de adicionar um Serial Number e os demais parâmetros em "PlatformInfo" -> "Generic". Você pode gerar isso automaticamente usando o GenSMBIOS, por exemplo. O Ventura possui alguns bugs que a Apple ainda precisa corrigir, então não estranhe. Exemplos: A mensagem "Você desligou o seu Computador devido a um problema" aparece toda vez que você inicia o MacOS. Você pode resolver isso Resetando a NVRAM no próprio menu do OpenCore (Barra de Espaço -> CleanNvram). Outra solução [que funcionou pra mim] é deletar o arquivo que começa com "Sleep Wake Failure", que está na pasta "\Library\Logs\DiagnosticReports". {Referência} Uma ou mais notificações de "Itens de Início Adicionados" aparecem sempre que se inicia o MacOS. A solução até o momento é deletar os arquivos que possuem os nomes das notificações persistentes (EPSON, TeamViewer, Google,...). Esses arquivos podem estar em "~/Library/LaunchAgents" e "~/Library/LaunchDaemons". {Referência}
  6. Hello, could I install a mac? Intel Core i7-11800H RAM 16GB 512GB SSD RTX 3050
  7. 1- We need ECEnabler.kext and VirtualSMC.kext with SMCBatteryManager.kext plugin 2- Add these kexts and let the bootloader inject a) Opencore b) Clover Just paste kexts into Clover/Kexts/Other Credits: 1Revenger1, Acidanthera Team, RehabMan, Slice
  8. Buenas. Comparto EFI de HP funcional con Monterey, todo corriendo perfectamente.. Si algo no funciona hazlo saber.. THX HP ProBook 450 G7 - OC - Monterey
  9. hi guys, i already created a Big Sur beta installation USB using OpenCore Guid for Asus ux303ub (Skylake<i7 6500U>, HD520) but don,t boot into Installer and restarts. EFI.zip errore.png.zip
  10. Hello Everyone, I hope so everyone is fine 😃 Well this weekend I had some free time, so I took in place some old forgotten project of myself. My Laptop: Asus N551JK / Intel HD4600 / GTX 850M (Disabled) / HDD 1TB 7200RPM / Intel HD 4600 After a couple of hours, following Dotrania Guide I've made, everything basic working: Intel Cpu acelleration Bluetooth (Intel 7260) Wireless (Intel 7260 + heliport) Intel HD 4600 Graphics + HDMI Sound with Voodoo HDA, working hotkeys. Disabled GTX 850M (-wegnogpu) add device to Config.plist to disable. Generate SSDTTTIME aml files. Next time I have some free time I will do the following fixes (SSDT/DSDT): Patch Baterry (Done in Past) Patch GTX 850M Fix Screen Brightness Fix Fn+F5 and Fn+F6 for Brightness Control Fix USB Ports mapping with Hacking Tool (Done in Past) Fix Hibernate Fix Sound Over Hdmi Fix Keyboard Lights Fix TouchPad Gestures I've already made some MaciASL in past, but now I can't remember what are the patches in each one of them, so I must do again. Results Until 04/04/2021 https://imgbb.com/PMzW1ZY https://ibb.co/mDYBHrW https://ibb.co/jbzdKQr
  11. Laptop Funcional con Monterey y Big Sur, Mapeo de USBs. I5 10300h Integrada UDH630 144Hz Ok.. Dgpu GTX1650 bloqueado.. no compatible.. Trackpad Ok.. Teclado y Raton Ok.. Aceleración Ok.. Wifi+BT no Trabaja por el momento. debe cambiar por una compatible con Mac.. EFI - ASUS TUF Gaming F15 FX506
  12. Details: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8265U CPU @ 1.60GHz 1.80 GHz RAM 8,00 GB Model: 81S90005BR
  13. I successfully installed macos catalina on my notebook, but the wifi and audio don't work. Need to install something else? Processor: i7 3630qm Notebook Model: Samsung NP500P4C-AD3BR Wireless Network Card: 802.11bg/n. Speakers: JBL 4 W Stereo (2 W x 2)
  14. Todo Funcional, IGPU, Dedicada Bloqueada. EFI OC076 Lap MSI gf75 Thin 10UE
  15. when i'm trying to install the catalina, it goes into the clover and put it to install. A lot of messages start to appear (normal) but then the computer restarts and goes back to the clover and I put it to install and stay in that infinite loop. how do i solve this? laptop asus placa mae: x555uf BIOS LEGACY cpu: i5 6200u 4gb ram nvidia geforce 930m Downloads.rar image.zip
  16. Hello guys, I recently installed Big Sur, this is my second hackintosh so far, after a lot of sacrifice I have managed to boot thanks to Olarila, so this is my first experience with open core, my problem with my laptop is that I can not enable anything after installation, such as graphics card, sound, wifi, battery, touchpad. but when I used clover on Catalina everything was fine with no issue, thanks to rehab man who had the same laptop model as me, so I came here to asking for your help guys, thank you for this Amazing tool Olarila My Laptop Specs. ideapad U430 Touch Intel Core i5 4200U CPU 1.60gz System Memory 8192mb EC Version- 7CEC52WW Windows License- STD the firs ssdt is the one that I currently using on for Big Sur the second ssdt is the old one that I used for clover on Catalina that was working fine
  17. Todo Funcional. Monterey 12,1, Mapeo usb Ok. WIFI+BT = OK UDH630 = OK dGPU GTX1050 = Bloqueada Raton + Teclado + Tradpack = OK EFI HP cx0001-la Lap Coffe OC078
  18. Hello everyone, My name is Heewen, this is my first Hackintosh, so I am a beginner in this field. I made one on an Acer laptop that is no longer sold (Acer Aspire V3572PG). I'm running Monterey 12.1 with the Opencore bootloader. I'm thrilled because everything works, or almost, I have no audio on my Hackintosh, I first tried with AppleALC, I found that my codec was Realtek ALC283, I tested all the layout ID in the documentation, but none of them worked. My speakers are not detected in Hackintool. I then tried with VoodooHDA, it worked once after 30 reboots and since then it doesn't work anymore. I then gave up trying to get my speakers to work and turned to Bluetooth since I have way too many unused Bluetooth speakers. Now a new problem arises, my Broadcomm chipset (BCM_4350C2) is incompatible. But in the settings, it is still detected and does not want to turn ON. I thought (naively) that I will order a dongle and it would work, but no. I took an Asus Bt400 (apparently natively supported), but the integrated chip (BCM_4350C2)is still in my laptop and the bluetooth still doesn't want to turn ON (with the plugged USB Dongle) ... However the dongle is well detected. So I tried to disable the integrated chip since it is written that it is a "usb" chip in the SysInfo... So I (re)-used Hackintool in the USB part it does not appear, since it is in fact a PCIe. Finally, my last resort was to delete the bluetooth kext in the system library, but I can't delete them (even in sudo in the terminal). Does anyone have a solution to disable this annoying card? Or maybe a solution to get this dongle to work (my last resort would be to reinstall but I had so much trouble getting iServices to work that I don't want to do it anymore). Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me (PS: I added some screenshots to complete, and the display language is French because I'm French) (PS2: I already tried the BrcmPatchRAM and nothing.....) BT AUDIO ISSUE.zip
  19. Intel Celeron 2.16 graphic 2000 hd 4 gb ram ssd 16 gb 100% work high sierra????????????
  20. Hi guys I need help with the EFI folder for Big Sur, I tried with the EFI on the premade image but it doesn't boot so I tryed a lots of folder with similar hardware and it booted but the installer said that the macos copy was corrupted so I downloaded again the premade image and the same EFI folder and it didn't boot anymore. Please help. Hardware: Intel Core i5-8300H iGPU Intel UHD Graphics 630 (dGPU doesn't work, is the gtx 1050) Intel AC 9560 (WiFi) HID Touchpad
  21. Hola a todos!!! Les saluda John Primero que nada espero que esten muy bien a la hora de leer este hilo, mucho gusto soy John, Creativo Audiovisual y hoy estoy muy emocionado de compartir con ustedes mi proyecto hackintosh, basado en la necesidad de crear otra opción de flujo de trabajo que me permita optimizar mis procesos como editor audiovisual y también para aprender mas sobre sistemas, les dejo la configuración de mi equipo Nito 5 AN515-54 -Core i5 9300h -32 gb ram Crucial -GTX 1650 (no funciona) -Crucial P1 Nvme 1tb macOSX BigSur 11.4 BigSur 11.4 Opencore Funciona -Gráfica de Intel HUD 630 (mobile) 1536 MB Vram -Trackpad -Bluetooth -Wi Fi Les comparto algunas imágenes, adicional a esto me sorprende el rendimiento del equipo editando en programas como Final Cut Pro X, Premiere y After Effects, para ser la grafica integrada del procesador recordemos que es un coffe lake generación que es compatible con el tema de hackintosh, pues la verdad a mi me ha dejado sorprendido tanto así que he decidido usarlo como mi sistema principal de producción y tengo otro disco aparte para Windows, por el momento no puedo controlar la velocidad de los ventiladores pero lo hago desde Windows en caso de que tenga carga pesada y no quiera llegar a estrangular la máquina, por otro lado se me hace raro que la gráfica en una de las veces que lo intente quedó como intel HUD 630 sin el (Mobile) me gustaria saber si hay una diferencia entre esas dos opciones soy nuevo en esto de poder dejar a tope una máquina hackintosh funcional, ya que hace años trasteando lo hice con un AMD FX 6300 sin conseguir una experiencia agradable del todo por eso esta vez quiero compartirla con ustedes y sobre todo con aquellos que tengan este mismo modelo saludos esta es la guia que use, Gracias al equipo de oralila por desarrollar este tipo de opciones y soluciones informáticas. Link para bajar la versión de macOSX ¡, en este caso yo use la 11.3 y la actualize a la 11.4 sin problemas tambien probe la 11.2 https://www.olarila.com/topic/6278-olarila-vanilla-images/ Link para la EFI que use también en la guia de instalacion vainilla de oralila --NOTEBOOKS CHIPSET SERIES 10, 20 (SKYLAKE / KABYLAKE) https://tinyurl.com/uwmz3nzh Programas que use tanto desde Windows como desde macOSX -BalenaEtcher -explorer ++ (windows) -Opencore Reales 0.6.9 Adjunto imágenes del resultado imagenes Nitro 5 Hackintosh.zip
  22. i am new from here,,,, i want to install mojave or catalina on my toshiba satelite c55-a-1n8 model laptop. haswell, i-5 4200M , 720gb hdd... plz help me, how can i use mojave or catalina on this laptop
  23. Oi gente, recentemente consegui botar o BigSur no meu Acer Aspire E15 E5-571-52ZK com o clover. Porém o áudio HDMI do monitor não está funcionando. Já tenho o AppleALC e Lilu funcionando pois o Áudio no notebook está ok. Meu codec de áudio é um Realtek ALC283. Utilizo alcid=88 Download EFI atual (BigSur Clover): https://www.mediafire.com/file/yhhcroxf12pfyym/EFI.zip/file Send me(RunMe): https://www.mediafire.com/file/tbgx85pgnx8011e/Send_me_MacBook-de-Dyfflen.zip/file
  24. Segue as configurações do mesmo: https://icecat.biz/br/p/acer/lx.pw002.070/aspire-notebooks-aspire+5741-353g25mn-4816485.html Obs: Ele está com 6GB de Ram! Agradeço desde já a ajuda !
  25. I have an HP Envy x360 and to my knowledge, everything works except for the touchscreen. I was wondering if anyone can confirm that it is or isn't supported? The specs are: Model: HP Envy x360 15m-ed0013dx CPU: I5-1035G1 RAM: 8gb DDR4 GPU: Intel UHD graphics DISPLAY: 15.6" diagonal FHD IPS micro-edge WLED-backlit multitouch-enabled edge-to-edge glass (1920 x 1080) If anyone could confirm if it is supported or not or help me get it working if it is, I would greatly appreciate it Here is a link to my EFI: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tWB4fg4uxfG5FpiiFesxDo3pifB-ZVBs/view?usp=sharing
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