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  1. i changed SMBios from MacBookPro13,1 to MacBookPro13,2 and now i have "he2n_key doesn't exist, use ksmstates gpu for internal gpu" already had -wegnoegpu flag. i attached screenshot of OC -> DeviceProperties -> Add -> Devices.OC.zip
  2. origin.zip tnx man 🙏 is this values correct to fix VGA?
  3. Archive.zip i solved restart problem only by reset NVRAM also set load Bios defaults and set parameters again. now i have another issue.
  4. what about ACPI files, do i need to have them? or wrong SMBIOS (Macbookpro 13,1) ? I attached OC log file. opencore-2020-10-13-011624.txt.zip
  5. hi guys, i already created a Big Sur beta installation USB using OpenCore Guid for Asus ux303ub (Skylake<i7 6500U>, HD520) but don,t boot into Installer and restarts. EFI.zip errore.png.zip
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