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  1. Does not work. When I enable the internal graphics, it doesn't even start. The screen is frozen. Sometimes it even starts, but does not recognize Intel graphics. It remains as a 7 MB Display.
  2. Did not work. Should I start the mac from the video port on the video card or vga on the motherboard?
  3. I enabled the internal graphics, but the problem remains with problems.
  4. Estou tentando entrar no macos pelo opencore, mas simplesmente não inicia. O Sistema reinicia toda vez, como se não existisse nada.
  5. I installed my High Sierra, but it is having problems rendering some programs. Specs: i5 6400 GTX 1060 6GB 8GB DDR4 Gigabyte B150-M Gaming 3
  6. I'm in doubt, which mac should I put on my computer? Specs: i5 6400 8gb DDR4 GTX 1060 6gb 1tb HDD
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