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Hackintosh EFI Folders with OpenCore MOD

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Official OpenCore and Clover EFI folders HERE



OpenCore is fantastic and amazing bootloader(we wait for over 15 years) but inject ACPI and other things into Windows, Linux, etc and we need use one generic way(SSDTs) to boot into these Oses and avoid problems. With this OpenCore fork all these problems is solved and we can use one perfect full patched Hackintosh with no problems to boot into Windows, Linux, etc via OpenCore Picker. Minimal changes and not affect the integrity of OpenCore.


A very custom DSDT for best experience under macOS. Removed all unused devices, injected all Apple devices, essentials, cosmetics, real improvements. Check room for Donators and Premium users in this LINK.


-Tutorial how to use this OpenCore fork HERE


If you share these folders elsewhere, don't forget the credits.

You don't need add any extra SSDT like SSDT-EC, SSDT-USBX, etc.

Generate one full SMBIOS with one good serial for your machine.


-Essentials kexts, configs and patches for Intel and AMD with OpenCore bootloader

Some Basic Information

-Use USB2 port for easy installation with no remap USB

-If you have only IGPU use -igfxvesa bootarg for easy installation

-Delete old EFI folder and paste new. Don't use merge files

-Don't use Drag and Drop into EFI partition. Use Copy/Paste instead

-Reset NVRAM one time - OpenCore use entry "Reset Nvram"


Bios/UEFI Configuration

-Sata = AHCI mode

-Secure Boot = Disable if need

-CSM = Disable with AMD cards

-How to copy EFI folder to EFI partition


*If you used SSDT instead DSDT uncheck RebaseRegions in Acpi tab

*You can request one full ACPI solution HERE and Premium Users HERE

*After installation you need remove unnecessary files like unused Lan kexts

*If your GPU don't need agdpmod=pikera, remove this bootarg

*If your LAN card don't need dk.e1000=0 and e1000=0, remove these bootargs

*Generate a good and valid serial for you

*Users with IGPU check HERE info about video patch





-Desktop LGA77x Download HERE (Read instructions for Legacy HERE)

-Desktop SandyBridge Download HERE

-Desktop IvyBridge Download HERE

-Desktop Haswell and Broadwell Download HERE

-Desktop SkyLake Download HERE

-Desktop KabyLake Download HERE

-Desktop CoffeeLake Download HERE

-Desktop CometLake Download HERE

-Desktop RocketLake Download HERE

-Desktop AlderLake and RaptorLake Download HERE

-Desktop HEDT SandyBridge-E and IvyBridge-E Download HERE (x79 Chipset)

-Desktop HEDT Haswell-E Download HERE (x99 Chipset)

-Desktop HEDT Broadwell-E Download HERE (x99 Chipset)

-Desktop HEDT Skylake-XW and CascadeLake-XW Download HERE (x299 Chipset) 

-Desktop AMD Bulldozer, Jaguar, Ryzen and Threadripper Download HERE

AMD users need check some new things, check screenshot below




-NoteBook SandyBridge Download HERE

-NoteBook IvyBridge Download HERE

-NoteBook Haswell Download HERE

-NoteBook Broadwell Download HERE

-NoteBook SkyLake Download HERE

-NoteBook SkyLake for macOS Ventura Download HERE

-NoteBook KabyLake Download HERE

-NoteBook CoffeeLake and WhiskeyLake Download HERE

-NoteBook CoffeeLake Plus and CometLake Download HERE

-NoteBook IceLake Download HERE

-NoteBook TigerLake Download HERE


Credits: OpenCore Team,  AMD Team, Mieze, btwise, n.d.k and many others!

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