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  2. This I really appreciate your support. Yeah it has been moved much forward. But for now, I am stuck at `Please go to https://panic.aplle.com to report this panic` Sorry for too many questions, but I am new to hackintosh.. Please help me. Thanks
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  4. thank you for clarify. will wait
  5. Tks! I will try Big Sur public. Can I use the same OC EFI as my Catalina installation? Do I need any specific adjustments?
  6. https://www.olarila.com/topic/6874-olarila-hackbook-lenovo-ideapad-s145-mojave-catalina-full-dsdt-patches-clover-and-opencore/?do=findComment&comment=115054
  7. Usando essa nova pasta EFI atualizada no post #1 é possível fazer update do beta3 p/ o beta4 no Lenovo S145-15IWL?
  8. Ok, i Will test in a few minutes then vive u a feedback. Thanks Edit: had a kernel panic on boot Bigsur, catalina It was already installed boot normally
  9. Extrai as tabelas com a tecla f4 na tela de boot do clover, me envia os arquivos gerados na pasta Clover/Acpi/origin
  10. MaLd0n


    atom dont have support video card dont work too
  11. u need rename embedded controller to ec or inject ec device
  12. https://www.olarila.com/topic/8390-no-more-dongle-use-intel-wifi-driver-loader-kext-tested-on-catalina/
  13. the EFI folder to haswell can be used to install in Ivy Bridge ?
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