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  3. obrigado pela ajuda @anto barreca Eu conseguir fazer boot no BigSur usando iGPU UHD 630 do i5 10400. Remover tudo de DeviceProperties foi o que funcionou no meu caso. Pelo jeito o suporte já é nativo. Minha próxima quest vai ser fazer funcionar a RX 5500 XT. Só consigo fazer boot se a placa gráfica estiver desligada, caso contrário trava na tela preta e fica reiniciando. Acho que estou com este problema: https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/troubleshooting/extended/userspace-issues.html#black-screen-after-ioconsoleusers-gioscreenlock-on-navi Já fiz as tentativa
  4. Boa noite, alguém conseguiu fazer o Bluetooth EP.-AC1661 funcionar no Catalina? Eu só consegui usar o wi-fi.
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  6. For comparison, Send me from Catalina. Here no issues with FireWire.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1st3QhLf4kX4fv-5rgfAYwU_QvqpZsF14/view?usp=sharing
  7. Solved, it was not an usb map issue, just an MSI config. Now I do have a fully working hack 😁
  8. I can't find that in Device Management or in my BIOS 😔 Device Management Screenshot
  9. I thank you for this forum, because here I can learn about Hackintosh. I'll go over some questions and help for devices I have installed macOS with with specifications Lenovo Z41-70 (80K5) - Processor: Dual-Core Intel Core i5 5200U @ 2.20 GHz - GPU: Intel HD5500 / AMD Radeon R7 M360 - Ethernet: RTL8111 / 8168B - Wifi: Broadcomm BCM43162 - RAM: 4 GB SK Hynix - SSD: 480 GB (HS-SSD-C100) - CD / DVD: PLDS DVD-RW DA8A6SH GL61 Bootloader: Clover version 5128 macOS version 10.15.7 Installing macOS by fresh install, now it can run on this device. But sometimes it gets
  10. IDK how, but the audio interface loaded once and I was getting sound, but after installing the dedicated driver, it won't load again... Thought it were FW entries Made in the DSDT, but they don't seem to work anyway... DSDT-4.aml
  11. Eu vi alguns videos do gabriel de pinho e aprendi a colocar a EFI no pendrive de instalação, dai ele iniciou a instalação normal, dps eu so colei a EFI na partição da EFI do HD pra iniciar sem meu pendrive, ja funcionou tudo ja que peguei uma pré-configurada. Pode usar essa OC minha, é so colar ela dentro da pasta EFI ao inves de substituir, tanto no pendrive de instalação quanto no seu HD. Só lembrando que ela ta como ultimo OpenCore, então é bom atualizar o bootx64 na pasta boot com o do OC 0.6.5 que ta no site deles Se quiser me chama no telegram q eu te dou um supor
  12. Tenta retirando as kexts de wifi/BT relativas à Broadcom e usa só uma kext pra wifi/bt intel (a versão airport, q dispensa o heliport e uma kext separada pro BT): -BS: https://github.com/OpenIntelWireless/itlwm/releases/download/v1.2.0/AirportItlwm_v1.2.0_stable_BigSur.kext.zip - Catalina: https://github.com/OpenIntelWireless/itlwm/releases/download/v1.2.0/AirportItlwm_v1.2.0_stable_Catalina.kext.zip Veja se assim funciona WIFI/BT e desliga certo...
  13. Hi not sure if this is the right category, but I'm new to olarila. I managed to follow the guide to install catalina olarila on my second hdd and booted fine but my issue is am not getting any internet on my desktop ethernet port. In network settings it shows status cable unplugged, but my cable is plugged in checked multi times and different cables, i also booted back to my windows hdd and internet is working. in system preferences, under ethernet cards it listed : realtek rtl8168c/8111c pci express gigabit ethernet, bsd name en0 I even mounted clover configurator and the realt
  14. Hi Maldon! I'm facing a problem with an hp 820. It uses a dual xeon e5-2670 and I'm unable to get to the desktop. I manually patched the necessary aml files extracting the original .dst files. Using OC 0.6.5 in legacy mode since the uefi mode in the mainboard is flaky... Using a ATI 570, big sur 11.1. Thanks in advance for your help. olarila.zip tables.zip
  15. Can you please explain to me in detail?
  16. https://www.olarila.com/topic/9390-video-guide-usb-port-mapping-with-hackintool/
  17. the power management start working now, but u need solve turbo. ur previous config x86platform is not load
  18. check windows about sata if work in raid or ahci
  19. first disable hibernate etc https://www.olarila.com/topic/10296-olarila-repair-app/
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