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  3. Extract tables with F4 key in Clover boot screen, boot into system and run this app https://www.olarila.com/files/Utils/RunMe.app.zip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9wmIfGLe3A
  4. Hic Do you have idea turn off sleep when lid ?
  5. -Donations with PayPal https://tinyurl.com/r2bvzm7 -Donations with Bitcoin 33HeGCuCSh4tUBqdYkQqKpSDa1E7WeAJQ3 -Donations with PicPay @danielnmaldonado -Donation with Mercado Livre https://tinyurl.com/y9evkj5u -EFI OpenCore Folder Desktop 10th Intel Processors Paste this EFI folder in EFI partition in your USB STICK https://tinyurl.com/ybwr9kq3 -Tutorial -Post Installation Paste EFI folder into EFI Partition in your SSD, reboot and extract one full dump with this app and post here! https://tinyurl.com/y9562hz7 -Result -Credits and thanks to the old and new people in the community who developed patches, kexts and bootloaders! Slice, Kabyl, usr-sse2, jadran, Blackosx, dmazar, STLVNUB, pcj, apianti, JrCs, pene, FrodoKenny, skoczy, ycr.ru, Oscar09, xsmile, SoThOr, RehabMan, Download-Fritz, Zenit432, cecekpawon, Intel, Apple, Oracle, Chameleon Team, crazybirdy, Mieze, Mirone, Oldnapalm, netkas, Elconiglio, artut-pt, ErmaC, Pavo, Toleda, Master Chief and family, bcc9, The King, PMheart, Sherlocks, Micky1979, vit9696, vandroiy2013, Voodoo Team, Pike R. Alpha, lvs1974, Austere.J, CVad, headkaze, onemanosx, erroruser, Jenny David, Sampath007, Facebook Hackintosh community, Facebook Olarila community, daliansky and many, many, many others! We're all here to have fun and learn from each other!
  6. Is it possible that there's a hardware problem because only when adding ram will this be the case?
  7. não faço idéia o que está causando o problema
  8. Yesterday
  9. No meu tem um problema que não é um problema grave, mas incomoda as vezes. Quando levanto a tampa e faço login para voltar o trackpad fica mega lento por uns 10 segundos e depois volta ao normal. Isso é resolvível?
  10. @MaLd0n agora foi! Fixes com essa pasta: estou conseguindo utilizar o teclado do notebook mesmo, touchpad/trackpad, HDMI ainda não testei, som está funcionando, vejo o visualizador da bateria e consigo ajustar o brilho da tela. Obrigado! Só há duas coisas: pelos dados do Hardware contidos no Send me que te envie, minha placa Wi-fi poderá ser utilizada, evitando que eu precise conectar um cabo ethernet para ter acesso à internet? E o bluetooth pode funcionar?
  11. I don't have Z490 motherboard but I think to upgrade my PC and get intel i9 gen 10th and want to make sure if it Hackintosh will work on it I prefer Clover more than Open Core.
  12. ur nvidia dont have support in catalina
  13. https://filebin.net/j8zka2gctxzrl33o/EFI.zip?t=hckn368q
  14. Hello! I am trying to install Mojave on my laptop using Olaria. I'm able to get into installation screen but then stuck with "Recovery server cannot be contacted" when trying to 'continue'. Unfortunately, my laptop does not have a way to connect to the internet (Couldn't get Ethernet working bc my router haven't been setup properly, and seems Ethernet next haven't loaded. My wifi adapter is Atheros AR9485 couldn't find right kext--IO80211Family.kext doesn't work) I tried changing date back a year and trying different timezone but no luck. CPU: Intel core i3 sandy bridge RAM: 6 GB Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 (I know it's not officially supported but might try get workaround later) Anyone know any way to solve this? Thanks for your help.
  15. Tentei atualizar meu catalina pela pop up que apareceu de atualização, e agora o sistema não sobre mais. =/ Alguma ideia do que pode estar acontecendo?
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