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  1. -Update first post- BigSur 11.4 for VM
  2. Donation with Paypal https://tinyurl.com/r7fchn9 Donation with BTC 33HeGCuCSh4tUBqdYkQqKpSDa1E7WeAJQ3 Donation with ETH 0x255EdE75081D2731FcD6F7BE171dfC7f5ce9DF05 Donation with LTC MTmkEY9xiLkuzf4vHtRYHLoapBcmmoApFc Donation with DAI 0x255EdE75081D2731FcD6F7BE171dfC7f5ce9DF05 Donation with USDC 0x255EdE75081D2731FcD6F7BE171dfC7f5ce9DF05 Donation with PicPay @danielnmaldonado Donation with PiX @[email protected] Donation with Mercado Livre https://tinyurl.com/y9evkj5u --Download-- Media Fire - https://tinyurl.com/p38pecs9 Go
  3. good remove agdpmod=pikera in bootargs usb check here. (if u have a 11.3+ need remap usb 2 first) https://www.olarila.com/topic/14220-video-guide-usb-port-mapping-guide-2021-bigsur-113-with-no-xhci-port-limit/
  4. i need one ioreg with this config above for check trackpad audio is just layout-id. check it later
  5. DSDT.02.zip Check bios/uefi if have trackpad options check kexts order in config.plist. voodooi2c need it
  6. strange. VDADecoderChecker return it yes. but i think this amd too use this folder and save one sendme with ioreg https://tinyurl.com/yn6dzhd9
  7. celeron don't have native support u need one gpu and fakecpuid for ur processor
  8. if u use igpu dont use macpro7,1 smbios, in this case use iMac18,1
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