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[ref]mportner[/ref], [ref]venom86[/ref], extract new send_me


Here is my newly generated send_me, with my previous dsdt. The os version I'm planning to use is Catalina. Currently I'm on the latest public beta version. it seems that I don't have hardware acceleration in the os, but I have no problem in games.

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use my folder and don't change nothing https://tinyurl.com/ttu8wyt DSDT.aml.zip u need check it bro https://www.olarila.com/topic/5295-guide-hardware-encoder-hardware-decoder

DSDT.aml.zip https://github.com/acidanthera/AirportBrcmFixup/releases DSDT.aml.zip post one full dump DSDT.aml.zip

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Hi! My bluetooth, hdmi and sleep aren't working T_T

When I connect the HDMI connector my laptop restarts caused by a panic or so it says when its booting back again.

The sleep kinda works I guess, I have to press the button twice sometimes and the screen immediately goes black, the same to turn it on, I can turn it on (wake it up) with any button. I tried uploading my send me file but it says its too big, what can I do?


Here is my send me file, I couldnt send it here because it is 12.9 mb so I am using google drive as suggested by lucaskds

:D Thanks

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[ref]bramon[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip


tbh need a ssdt by kgp

bt need a rehabman injector

Added in 1 minute 41 seconds:

[ref]criolodoido[/ref], have a some bug with ur bios, extract original tables with f4 key in clover boot screen

Added in 4 minutes 13 seconds:

[ref]lucaskds[/ref], Arquivo Comprimido.zip


Added in 1 minute 18 seconds:

[ref]venom86[/ref], u need extract send_me with my dsdt load

rfemove FakePCIID_XHCIMux

Added in 10 minutes 59 seconds:

[ref]ruhul20[/ref], the config looks good, what problem ur hack have?

[ref]capitanbelico[/ref], use Olarila clover folder for chipset serie 100/200/300


Added in 14 minutes 56 seconds:

[ref]majeddh[/ref], need patch dsdt

[ref]sdsuster[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip


Added in 8 minutes 43 seconds:

[ref]Naveed Ahmad[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip


Added in 6 minutes 57 seconds:

[ref]ssprod[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip


Added in 4 minutes 55 seconds:

[ref]Francisco_live[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip

install voodooi2c kexts

Added in 1 minute 35 seconds:

[ref]josefikuii[/ref], google drive

Added in 2 minutes 12 seconds:

[ref]mportner[/ref], u need check my signature, useful links, some things in notebook is personal





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salutations MaLd0n

LNVNB161216 - i3-8145U - 4+4 gb ram

bios: ALCN27WW(2.04)

Olarila mojave/Olarila clover efi on EVO ssd

audio: 8086:9dc8 ("Cannon Point-LP High Definition Audio Controller")

intel UHD 620 graphics

touchscreen works (!)

keyboard works

but no trackpad, no sound, no brightness control

no wifi but BCM94352Z is coming in the mail and am confident I can install it.

my 2nd hackintosh, first laptop. will study closely anything u provide

deep thanks

Send me.zip

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Maldion, thank you for posting the DSDT files for my build. I unzipped and copied the .aml files to the ACPI/patched directory on the EFI partition, rebooted, but nothing changed. Still no TB3 shown in the Thunderbolt or SAS. It does however shown inside PCI as drivers installed, etc. But does not work at all. Did I missed something? I need your guide. Thank you so much.

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Added in 1 minute 18 seconds:

[ref]venom86[/ref], u need extract send_me with my dsdt load

rfemove FakePCIID_XHCIMux



Here is my new send_me, also removed fakepciid_xhcimux. My current os is 10.15 public beta 8.

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I put the patch you made available and thank you in advance.

Headset audio worked and CPU consumption was no more than 15% even at rest. After restarting a few times, the headset audio stopped working and processing returned to 15%, even at rest.

Could you help me correct?

I will attach the send me you sent and the DSDT you sent.


Send me MacBook-Pro-de-Marcus.zip


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Greetings, Maldon.. New build, and running with the appropriate EFI in the link. Any assistance in fine tuning this baby via DSDT would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Asus H170M-Plus

iNtel i5 6600K

Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 590 8GB

Mojave 10.14.5

Thank you very much, Maldon!

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[ref]mateodeger[/ref], don't need apply video into dsdt, use clover for it, graphics tab, dual link=1

Added in 3 minutes 49 seconds:

[ref]violetcivy[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip


Added in 6 minutes 30 seconds:

[ref]1357924601[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip



-brightnesss control, check if brightness slider is there in system preferences/monitor, if yes, use debug for check what patch we need


Added in 53 seconds:

[ref]Jamesen[/ref], extract new send_me

Added in 19 minutes 5 seconds:

[ref]venom86[/ref], CLOVER.zip


Added in 1 minute 28 seconds:

[ref]raphento[/ref], u need extract new send_me with my dsdt load


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