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  1. Sorry, same here, used your config.plis with your dsdt and kexts, but no luck.
  2. Here is my new send_me, also removed fakepciid_xhcimux. My current os is 10.15 public beta 8.
  3. Here is my newly generated send_me, with my previous dsdt. The os version I'm planning to use is Catalina. Currently I'm on the latest public beta version. it seems that I don't have hardware acceleration in the os, but I have no problem in games.
  4. Dell Latitude E6530 with i7 3520m intel HD4000 VGA only, no Nvidia card.
  5. Thanks for the dsdt, but with Catalina I got random hangs at system animations after idle, and screensavers are horribly laggy, also my usb 2.0 ports not working, my webcam disappeared with my bluetooth too.
  6. Thanks, but with new dsdt my usb 2.0 port along with my webcam and bluetooth stopped working.
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