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Found 13 results

  1. Good afternoon Greetings to all from Mexico, I have a problem with the identification of my hackitonsh, I have tried for several days to configure this identification which prevents the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 card from being registered in the system. My computer is a Haswell with an Intel Q85 Chipset that originally came with a Core i5-4590 processor, I changed the processor for a Core i7-4790 that works with an HD 4600 graphics card. Everything works normally and quite well wifi, bluetooth, on, off, sleep and services in general.
  2. Hello! Im having problems to get video on the high sierra installation. This installation is running on 2010 i5 Arrandale First Gen. This is the video about thanks ❤️
  3. Hi, dudes! I created this topic to help everyone who has a GeForce 9500GT GPU and would like to use OpenCore (It can also be a help with other NVIDIA Legacy GPU's). I spent a lot of time using Clover, but my PC never got the best performance possible. At the same time, using OpenCore I got the expected performance, but I couldn't inject NVIDIA, so I had unaccelerated graphics. After a lot of study I finally managed to set up a 100% EFI for me. SCREENSHOT My PC is: Motherboard Intel DH61CR Intel Pentium G2030 @3.00Ghz Kingston 1x4GB DDR3 1333MHz EVGA GeFor
  4. Hello all, [If this post is in the wrong place I will gladly remove!] I've decided that it's about the time that I start a new Hackintosh build. My last build, Project Ageha, has served me well and to a certain extent continues to do so, but things have changed quite a bit and it can't keep up with my needs as of late. For my new build, I am shooting for a bit of a different setup compared to a traditional Hackintosh rig. What I am essentially wanting to do is build a Linux machine and will subsequently use virtual machines for macOS and Windows. The idea is simple enough I suppose, b
  5. Hello all! I'm trying to completely disable my GTX 1060 and use only my second GPU GT 740 for Hackintosh. I've follow both options from Dortania's Guide https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/extras/spoof.html#windows-gpu-selection But the Issue here is that I can spoof it alright, but I still have issues with audio controller of GPU, which gives wake issues for my system. I've tried disable it via DeviceProperties and SSDT and both outputs the same result, it shows "Display" and "NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 on System Report and IORegistryExplorer. If I physically
  6. My Sierra hackintosh disk suffered an I/O error that couldn't be repaired as I had another disk with Mojave installed, I used it to backup my Sierra drive, but as Mojave doesn't support my HD6870 I was stuck with lame graphics, I was researching online, if there was a solution to at least patch Mojave so I can use my HD6870 with it, and the only viable solution I've found was to use High Sierra kexts, so my question is do you have them available for download somewhere as I just need the kexts that make my card work, and maybe some Clover configurator, guideline. It just needs to work better
  7. I created my hackintosh with my I7 9700k in the z390 chipset (Gigabyte Mobo) When I was installing everything occurred just right. Then I finished the setup installing clover and replacing the Clover Folder in the EFI partition. Now when I try to boot up my Hackintosh it glitches the video and freezes If I boot my flashdrive again I'm able to enter MacOs with no problem. So I guess I'm doing something wrong on the EFI installation Also I'm using a RTX 2080 Super wich I know is not supported and I want to know if is there a way to disable my NVidia GPU and enable My intel UH
  8. Hi, I'm on VMWare ESXI 7.0b with rx580 passed as gpu passthrough. I can't seem to get the HW acceleration working or display the vm on monitor. I've applied Lilu & Whatevergreen kext and it changed to GFX0 and gave the name to the device in system report however it is still not identified as display and can't really use it. The display that is available is the vmware virtual display. I'm attaching dsdt.aml dump that I dumped through Hackintool. Thanks so much and I hope you can help me. Some Images: DSDT.aml
  9. TUTORIAL PARA PLACAS MÃES 775 (LEGACY/NÃO UEFI) - Instalação e Problemas que eu Tive! ATENÇÃO: Antes de Tudo vale ressaltar que, eu sou novo nessa área, gosto muito de fazer isso, e quero estar passando todo o meu conhecimento em relação ao conteúdo e também não sei se esse é o local do fórum mais apropriado para as pessoas falarem sobre isso mas está aqui! ATENÇÃO: Estarei sempre que possível atualizando este post, principalmente com placas mães e componentes testados, caso você não encontre aquele seu componente que você não pode trocar agora por falta de dinheiro nos fóruns de Hac
  10. Hello guys. I install Catalina 10.15.5 on my laptop Lenovo Ideapad 700. The system show GPU intel 530 7 MB. How can i fix it?
  11. Hi. My system is made up of the following hardware: CPU: I7 7700 (not "k") Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H270 Gaming 3 Memories: Kingstone 2 x 8gb GPU: MSI Radeon RX 570 4gb Armor I tell you my problem. A few weeks ago I traded in my old nvidia GT 740 GPU (which worked perfectly on S, HS, M, and C) for a new MSI RX 570. I bought this GPU to make sure Mojave and Catalina compatibility was absolute. When installing it, I also installed iStat to test it, and soon the problems started ... The system started to freeze randomly (sometimes once a day, sometimes several times a day), with gray
  12. Boa tarde pessoal! Não sei se estou escrevendo no lugar certo, mas espero obter ajuda, e conseguir aprender como fazer. Montei meu Hack novo, é um I5 9600K com 8gb de ran 2400mhz ssd de 500 e a GPU é uma MSI R7 370 4GB 256bits To a 5 dias tentando ativar ela, já formatei e reformatei, fiz configurações de fake ID, mexi em info plist de kext controler e nada, o máximo que consegui foi ativar ela com 2gb. Alguém pode me ajudar por favor. Estou usando o Mojave 10.14.6 Grato
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