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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I successfully installed macOS Sonoma on my Intel 10700k PC, however my desktop looks like this. I can't change wallpaper also, and safari show results only for a second than goes black. Also my system don't show any animations at all. Is this problem connected with no radeon GPU? I have a build in 10700k GPU and 3070ti https://imageupload.io/E86Q3KupqnvK0N3
  2. Hi, I'm on VMWare ESXI 7.0b with rx580 passed as gpu passthrough. I can't seem to get the HW acceleration working or display the vm on monitor. I've applied Lilu & Whatevergreen kext and it changed to GFX0 and gave the name to the device in system report however it is still not identified as display and can't really use it. The display that is available is the vmware virtual display. I'm attaching dsdt.aml dump that I dumped through Hackintool. Thanks so much and I hope you can help me. Some Images: DSDT.aml
  3. @MaLd0n I am using Clover, i tried to fake ID with a lot of methods found on forums, but always I get 4MB of VRAM and a very laggy interface my dump: https://www.transfernow.net/dl/202201237ZU5sYri
  4. Link https://github.com/ChefKissInc/RadeonSensor The kext is based on FakeSMCs RadeonMonitor to provide GPU temperature to a dedicated gadget without relying on FakeSMC being installed and can therefore be used with VirtualSMC instead, or without either in a VM with GPU passed through. All credits for the code to read the GPU temperature go to FakeSMC/RadeonMonitor project. The design of the status bar is based on the AMD PowerGadget to fit together. GPU temperature and MacOS Starting with the Radeon VII, Apple stopped reporting the temperature directly, requiring kexts to step in and implement that feature. For Vega 10 and older, other tools can already display the GPU temperature without the need for additional kexts. Components RadeonSensor.kext: Required to read the GPU temperature and requires Lilu SMCRadeonGPU.kext: Can be used optionally to export GPU temperature to VirtualSMC for monitoring tools to read and requires VirtualSMC RadeonGadget.app: Displays GPU temperature in the status bar and requires only the RadeonSensor kext to be loaded Supported GPUs All GPUs starting Radeon HD 7000 series up to the RX 6000 series are supported. Credits FakeSMC3 SMCAMDProcessor aluveitie ChefKissInc
  5. Good afternoon Greetings to all from Mexico, I have a problem with the identification of my hackitonsh, I have tried for several days to configure this identification which prevents the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 card from being registered in the system. My computer is a Haswell with an Intel Q85 Chipset that originally came with a Core i5-4590 processor, I changed the processor for a Core i7-4790 that works with an HD 4600 graphics card. Everything works normally and quite well wifi, bluetooth, on, off, sleep and services in general. I have tried to configure these values in my config.plist, in fact they are configured and present but these values are not detected for the identification of the integrated Intel GPU. Is it normal that the Intel Generation type, Platform ID, GPU Device ID, and GPU NAME are not detected? Any recommendation to configure these values? It should be mentioned that the ethernet does not work for me either. This machine is a Lenovo m83, the ethernet is I127-LM iMac.zip
  6. Hello! Im having problems to get video on the high sierra installation. This installation is running on 2010 i5 Arrandale First Gen. This is the video about thanks ❤️
  7. Hi, dudes! I created this topic to help everyone who has a GeForce 9500GT GPU and would like to use OpenCore (It can also be a help with other NVIDIA Legacy GPU's). I spent a lot of time using Clover, but my PC never got the best performance possible. At the same time, using OpenCore I got the expected performance, but I couldn't inject NVIDIA, so I had unaccelerated graphics. After a lot of study I finally managed to set up a 100% EFI for me. SCREENSHOT My PC is: Motherboard Intel DH61CR Intel Pentium G2030 @3.00Ghz Kingston 1x4GB DDR3 1333MHz EVGA GeForce 9500GT Ethernet Intel 82579V Audio Realtek ALC892 SSD SATA Netac 256GB The Full NVIDIA Patch guide I followed is one from Dortania (here). The main configuration place for GPU Injection is in "DeviceProperties" -> "Add" -> "YourGPUPCIDevicePath" (eg: PciRoot(0x0)/...), and then some parameters need to be set according to your video card (follow Dortania's guide). It's important to remember that my config.plist should be used only as a Base/Model if your hardware isn't exactly the same, because my configuration is hybrid (6-series motherboard with an Ivy Bridge processor). Hope this helps someone. EFI_9500GT_IvyBridge_OC.zip
  8. Hello all, [If this post is in the wrong place I will gladly remove!] I've decided that it's about the time that I start a new Hackintosh build. My last build, Project Ageha, has served me well and to a certain extent continues to do so, but things have changed quite a bit and it can't keep up with my needs as of late. For my new build, I am shooting for a bit of a different setup compared to a traditional Hackintosh rig. What I am essentially wanting to do is build a Linux machine and will subsequently use virtual machines for macOS and Windows. The idea is simple enough I suppose, but I know alot of things have changed in the Hackintoshing space since my last build, so I am trying to bring myself back up to speed. Red Hat and Arch Linux are my flavors of choice, just fyi. My desire for this new build is that it would be my "work hard, play hard" machine. Part of my job requires that I create very demanding and advanced graphical renders of structures, sometimes quite large in volume. That said, time-frame is a big deal for me. The sooner I can complete one job the better, so I can move on to the next one. Also, on the side, I do some mid to high end hobbyist video editing with Premiere Pro and After Effects. I usually work with 4k60fps footage, and don't really see myself going above that for some time. Again, speedy render times are appreciated for this as well. I almost exclusively use macOS for the things I've listed above. Which would, of course, leave Windows for my "play hard". Gaming and other entertainment will be the primary function of the Windows VM. Now, for my ideal build to become a successful reality, I believe, hinges almost completely on the capabilities of two very important components. The CPU and the GPU. After doing only a surface amount of research, I have found that NVIDIA is effectively no longer a player in the game for macOS. Can't say that I'm surprised, writing was on the wall long ago imo. As further research detailed, however, I found that there is a way to use two different GPUs to accommodate macOS's restrictions. Enabling me to have my cake and eat it too, so to speak. I know that was a rather lengthy discourse to get to my question, but I wanted to lay some groundwork first so you know where my headspace is. So now, here's where I need some advice. Firstly, if I am not mistaken, for a build such as the one I'm shooting for, a beefy CPU is surely not only recommended but probably required. Since I want to run VMs, I was thinking the more cores the better, which caused my mind to automatically go to AMD's Threadripper. I saw that this was an overall not recommended idea, though technically possible. Not sure if there are any Xeons on the level of Threadrippers out there yet, but furthermore I am not sure that going with either of those options is recommended. So given what I've planned to use this new computer for, which CPU would be recommended? GPUs on the hand, I believe I have narrowed it down. For macOS I am between one of the following four cards. Radeon Pro WX 7100 Radeon Pro WX 8200 Radeon Pro WX 9100 Radeon Pro VII All seem to be right up the alley of what I'm looking for to do my work. And, if I'm not mistaken, they are all compatible with macOS. So, happy days there. I'm just not sure which I should pull the trigger on. Biggest areas of interest that they all differ are Compute Units(CUs), VRAM amount, VRAM type/speed, memory bandwidth, and memory interface. Not sure if I should just go balls-to-the-wall and get the Radeon Pro VII, which dominates in all said areas of interest. The word "overkill" comes to mind though. I don't think that there will ever be a time that I will make use of all of the 6 displays it is capable of outputting to though, 3 or 4 max. For Windows. I'm almost certainly going to use an RTX 3090, mostly because it is closely on hand (lucky me). Only reason I wouldn't is because of it causing some issue for the rest of my build. On a final note, I would like to know if it would be possible to run both macOS and Windows at the same time, given the proper hardware was in use. Not sure if I'd ever do this, but I was just curious. Extreme example: gaming while waiting for a render to finish. Again I know this is probably a far shot but just wanted to know. If you read all of this, thanks for bearing with my long-windedness. Hopefully it all made sense. Hopeful to hear your advice! -KingK TL;DR I am wanting to build a Hackintosh running Linux, macOS and Windows. Linux being the base of the machine, macOS and Windows will run in separate virtual machines. My job requires that I create demanding and advanced graphical renders, sometime large scale. I also do mid to high end video editing using Adobe software. I do all of this work in macOS. I use windows to game and for other entertainment. Please help me chose a suitable CPU and GPU for this build. Not sure what CPU to choose. My GPU prospects are: macOS: Radeon Pro WX 7100 Radeon Pro WX 8200 Radeon Pro WX 9100 Radeon Pro VII Windows: RTX 3090 (plan to use it since I have it unless it causes problems with the build) Thanks for your time.
  9. Hello all! I'm trying to completely disable my GTX 1060 and use only my second GPU GT 740 for Hackintosh. I've follow both options from Dortania's Guide https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/extras/spoof.html#windows-gpu-selection But the Issue here is that I can spoof it alright, but I still have issues with audio controller of GPU, which gives wake issues for my system. I've tried disable it via DeviceProperties and SSDT and both outputs the same result, it shows "Display" and "NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 on System Report and IORegistryExplorer. If I physically remove the GTX 1060, my system as no issues to sleep/wake. Is there anyway to completely disable GPU and all its components? Thank you. My Specs: MB: Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite (rev1.0) CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz 2x8GB GPU: MSI Gaming Camo GTX 1060 6G GPU: Gigabyte GT 740 2GB OS: macOS BigSur 11.2.1
  10. My Sierra hackintosh disk suffered an I/O error that couldn't be repaired as I had another disk with Mojave installed, I used it to backup my Sierra drive, but as Mojave doesn't support my HD6870 I was stuck with lame graphics, I was researching online, if there was a solution to at least patch Mojave so I can use my HD6870 with it, and the only viable solution I've found was to use High Sierra kexts, so my question is do you have them available for download somewhere as I just need the kexts that make my card work, and maybe some Clover configurator, guideline. It just needs to work better than how it is now, with a fixed lame resolution and almost unusable ... any ideas will be welcome.
  11. I created my hackintosh with my I7 9700k in the z390 chipset (Gigabyte Mobo) When I was installing everything occurred just right. Then I finished the setup installing clover and replacing the Clover Folder in the EFI partition. Now when I try to boot up my Hackintosh it glitches the video and freezes If I boot my flashdrive again I'm able to enter MacOs with no problem. So I guess I'm doing something wrong on the EFI installation Also I'm using a RTX 2080 Super wich I know is not supported and I want to know if is there a way to disable my NVidia GPU and enable My intel UHD 630 graphics (built-in with my i7 9700k)
  12. TUTORIAL PARA PLACAS MÃES 775 (LEGACY/NÃO UEFI) - Instalação e Problemas que eu Tive! ATENÇÃO: Antes de Tudo vale ressaltar que, eu sou novo nessa área, gosto muito de fazer isso, e quero estar passando todo o meu conhecimento em relação ao conteúdo e também não sei se esse é o local do fórum mais apropriado para as pessoas falarem sobre isso mas está aqui! ATENÇÃO: Estarei sempre que possível atualizando este post, principalmente com placas mães e componentes testados, caso você não encontre aquele seu componente que você não pode trocar agora por falta de dinheiro nos fóruns de Hackintosh, não se desespere isso não é sinônimo de que ele não presta o não é compatível PLACAS-MÃES TESTADAS: G41M-VS3 R2.0. Com o Passar do tempo estarei trazendo mais placas mães e componentes testados principalmente de amigos, conhecidos que queiram usar o Hackintosh também, assim como também estarei trazendo de NOTEBOOKS, mas creio que em outro post! QUERO FAZER UM HACKINTOSH! E AGORA? Para mim, acho que quem está começando deve se fazer esta pergunta: Hackintoshs.... De Onde Vieram? Onde Habitam? Como se Reproduzem? (Desculpe pela piada sem graça mas daria para nos fazermos essa analogia.) DE ONDE VIERAM? A pergunta seria Porque existem, para que servem, pessoas fazem Hackintosh por diversos motivos, seja para poder usar e sentir aquele gostinho do MacOS(que vai por mim, depois que vc instala e usa a primeira vez passa) ou para trabalhar, na mente de quem está começando nesse mundo vem perguntas e coisas que as pessoas falam sobre o mac em sua cabeça: será que ele é mais rápido do que o windows? ele é ótimo para trabalhos? ele é isso ele é aquilo? ONDE HABITAM? Onde posso Encontrar informação sobre os Hackintoshs, quais são os melhores lugares para eu entender mais deles? *NOTA: Este é um Passo importante! Conhecer mais do que você está fazendo é essencial para se obter o sucesso, imagine as grandes empresas elas tem pessoas que fazem exatamente esse trabalho, conhecer outras pessoas e o produto do qual eles estão oferecendo para obter um maior sucesso nas vendas. COMO SE REPRODUZEM? Como eu Posso Fazer um Hackintosh? o que é necessário para eu fazer um? ANTES DE ANDAR, ENGATINHE! Uma Criança antes de andar ela engatinha, ela aprende assim, aos poucos, esse comportamento deve ser exatamente o seu! não é fácil ou simples fazer um Hackintosh, e antes de sair por ai baixando e tentando fazer coisas sem saber, comece engatinhando, aprendendo a andar, pesquise mais, não faça nada sem ter um conhecimento prévio, isso pode ser desastroso e te desmotivar, o certo é, não se da pra fazer nada as cegas, volte para o segundo passo acima(Onde Habitam?) e estude mais sobre o assunto! PREPARADO PARA A BATERIA DE TESTES? Quanto mais aleatorio for o seu hardware, mais testes provavelmente você vai ter que fazer, isso não é algo "ruim", eu tive que fazer isso! se você e como eu e não pode simplesmente comprar um hardware novo, isso pode sim acontecer! Ora eu só sou um adolescente que ainda esta no ensino medio ;-; (não me julguem) e eu ainda não tenho dinheiro para comprar um pc novo, atualmente estudo programação para poder trabalhar como o mesmo enquanto não sair da minha pequena (literalmente uns 14mil habitantes) cidade e fazer uma faculdade QUAL É O MEU HARDWARE? Atualmente eu Tenho uma MOBO: ASROCK G41M-VS3 R2.0 (775) PROCESSADOR: XEON E5440 2.8 QUAD-CORE (que por sinal não existe nada na internet falando sobre ele em hackintoshes ;-; ) MEMORIA: 6GB DE MEMORIA RAM 2 HD: 500GB para o Windows + 500GB para o Mac GPU: GT 1030 GDDR5 da Galaxy FONTE: Fonte bomba que se eu lembre bem quando eu era criança eu queimei o pc colocando ele diretamente na tomada... hoje uso ele diretamente na tomada ;-; Ela pode parecer uma configuração ruim, mas programo em C# e dart+flutter de boa, e com o Opera aberto com umas 10 abas abertas juntos. (trava quando tá o emulador aberto, pq é muito ruim ficar com o celular ligado olhando pra ele enquanto vc faz os bagui ;-; ESTUDEI BASTANTE SOBRE O ASSUNTO E AGORA? Conhecendo o seu Hardware, pesquisando sobre peças, pessoas que já fizeram o mesmo usando os mesmos componentes e estudando um pouco sobre o Hackintosh está na hora de reunir os arquivos para começar a fazer o Hackintosh! GASTOS SÃO NECESSÁRIOS! Se você acha que não vai tirar um real do seu bolso para fazer o Hackintosh, talvez seja verdade mas pelo menos uma coisa você precisa ter e se não tiver tem que comprar: UM PENDRIVE DE NO MINIMO 16GB (ou 2 de 8 ) Isso, porquê você não vai simplesmente colocar a instalação, outros arquivos também são necessário, como, Kexts(DRIVERS PARA OS MAIS CHEGADOS) programas da pasta Olarila, que vão ajudar d++, outros programas como o keka(descompactados de arquivos de código aberto(eu acho)), e tempo, muito tempo. VALE RESSALTAR QUE: Você tem eu ter cuidado quando for baixar algo, tanto programas quando a própria imagem do sistema, vale lembrar que assim como o windows o mac também tem VIRUS, a diferença é a quantidade em relação ao windows, não é tão menor quanto ou não diminui a chances de você ter problemas com ele, e só você vacilar que vai pegar um desses, então tome cuidado! PROBLEMAS QUE EU PASSEI POR CONTA DE IMAGEM DO SISTEMA Se for utilizar o Yosemite NÃO BAIXE A IMAGEM DO NIRESH. (pelo menos para essa placa, Pois tive muitos problemas relacionados a gráficos com ela) Se for utilizar placas NVIDIA, fique por enquanto no High Sierra. (você pode ir para outras versões mais novas, mas saiba que você pode ter problemas com desempenho gráfico) Utilize uma imagem mais limpa como a da Olarila, como o nome já diz BAUNILHA(no caso nunca entendi bem o porquê "vanilla" nas coisas mas da para saber que quando isso aparece é por causa que a imagem ou software é limpo). COMO INSTALAR O HACKINTOSH? Utilize o tutorial para instalação do Olarila de acordo com o tipo de "clover" você utilizar, podendo ser o Open Core ou Clover. Para tutorial do Clover clique aqui Para tutorial do Open Core clique aqui BOOT FLAGS G41M-VS3 R2.0: npci=0x2000 ATENÇÃO: utilize a flag: nv_disable=1 caso você tenha uma placa NVidia. NÃO REINICIE AINDA O SEU PC DEPOIS DE INSTALADO OS ARQUIVOS. Utilize o Kext Utility: Após a instalação utilize o Kext Utility para Habilitar o seus Drivers! G41M-VS3 R2.0 Drivers de Audio e Internet.zip O drive de Audio pode ser diferente do inserido aqui! este é o drive da VIA VT 1705 e Internet Aetheos(aertheos sla) Esta Área Deverá Aumentar de Acordo com as Placas Mães Testadas, coloque seus drivers ali em baixo que ele poderão aparecer aqui (se assim for permitido) *NOTA: se a sua internet não funcionar, no clover marque a opção FixLan, que aparece logo no inicio, utilize a ultima versão do clover sempre! PROBLEMAS COM A ASROCK G41M-VS3 R2.0 ESTA AREA PODE MUDAR É HAVER LINKS PARA OUTROS POSTS PARA DIMINUIR O TAMANHO DO MESMO, Transformando-o em PROBLEMAS PÓS-INSTALAÇÃO DSDT, é necessário ter um! pede no fórum que a galera te ajuda, o pessoal aqui é muito gente boa(utilize de preferencia o inglês) NVRAM, ainda não sei se esta funcionando corretamente, mas depois da DSDT parece que sim! GPU DRIVERS, utilize o Nvidia-update.command da pasta Olarila para instalar o driver corretamente! APPLE STORE, caso apareça falha na tranferência XXXX Use a página de Compras para tentar novamente. clique aqui para corrigir o problema. iMessage, caso dê algum problema utilize o iMessageFix da pasta Olarila, *FECHE TODOS OS PROGRAMAS ANTES * Parece que a placa é altamente compatível com o Hackintosh, alguns problemas ali e outros lá mas esses são simples de resolverem na maioria das vezes (não o NVRAM ;-;) (talvez daqui para a noite esse post cresça mais pq agr tenho que dar uma paradinha e escrever depois) até mais a todos e fiquem com GOD
  13. Hello guys. I install Catalina 10.15.5 on my laptop Lenovo Ideapad 700. The system show GPU intel 530 7 MB. How can i fix it?
  14. Hi. My system is made up of the following hardware: CPU: I7 7700 (not "k") Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H270 Gaming 3 Memories: Kingstone 2 x 8gb GPU: MSI Radeon RX 570 4gb Armor I tell you my problem. A few weeks ago I traded in my old nvidia GT 740 GPU (which worked perfectly on S, HS, M, and C) for a new MSI RX 570. I bought this GPU to make sure Mojave and Catalina compatibility was absolute. When installing it, I also installed iStat to test it, and soon the problems started ... The system started to freeze randomly (sometimes once a day, sometimes several times a day), with gray screens, sometimes in white, sometimes in black and other times in pink. I could only get out of these freezes by holding down the power button on the computer since the restart seemed to do nothing. This happened to me on Catalina, which I installed on a separate SSD disk. I also have a separate Mojave installation on another separate disk, which works perfectly, without any freezes or freezes. Both systems start with the same clover (which is in the EFI of Catalina's disk). But the freezes only happened in Catalina. At first I thought the problem was FakeSMC and its sensors, so I removed them and replaced them with VirtualSMC and the few sensors that are currently available. But the problem continued. The peak of the problem came a couple of days ago when I installed the Intel Power Gadget. When opened, the computer began to restart constantly. The team started perfectly, but after entering Catalina and logging in, it would restart again, I wanted to uninstall iStat and Intel Power Gadget, but the system did not give me the necessary time to be able to close it and uninstall it since it restarted immediately after starting! I came to the conclusion that the problem had to be iStat or Intel Power Gadget, since in Mojave I do not have them installed and the system works correctly. Bottom line: I had to reinstall Catalina, this time without iStat or Intel Power Gadget. Obviously I am blind since I cannot know the temperatures of my CPU or GPU, because any application that I install to measure temperatures will make my computer freeze. My RX 570 works in "headless" mode with the HD630 of my Gigabyte GA-H270 Gaming 3 motherboard. I use two monitors (one connected by HDMI and the other by DVI-D) And when I thought that the problem had resulted (because for more than a day the system worked perfectly) today I had another freeze ... This makes me rule out problems due to FakeSMC (and its sensors) and also VirtualSMC and its sensors ... The only kexts that I had installed in Clover's "Others" folder are lilu, NoVPAJpeg (for Mojave) VirtualSMC, WhateverGreen and AtherosE2200. I will appreciate if you can guide me, because the truth is that I don't know what the problem may be Thank you and sorry for having extended so much.
  15. Boa tarde pessoal! Não sei se estou escrevendo no lugar certo, mas espero obter ajuda, e conseguir aprender como fazer. Montei meu Hack novo, é um I5 9600K com 8gb de ran 2400mhz ssd de 500 e a GPU é uma MSI R7 370 4GB 256bits To a 5 dias tentando ativar ela, já formatei e reformatei, fiz configurações de fake ID, mexi em info plist de kext controler e nada, o máximo que consegui foi ativar ela com 2gb. Alguém pode me ajudar por favor. Estou usando o Mojave 10.14.6 Grato
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