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  1. Hmm, I'm not sure these will have enough graphical power for me, but I'll keep them in mind. Regarding Threadripper processor, is there some guide I can follow to see if I can get it working? I've seen some people using this processor with no problems with Adobe programs. The extra cores that Threadripper has may be too good to pass up lol.
  2. I see. Any recommendation for GPU? I'm leaning more towards the Radeon Pro WX 8200 at the moment. Thoughts?
  3. Thank you for your reply and the compliment! I appreciate it. The 10900k was an option I considered, but I was wondering if more cores/threads would be better since I plan to use virtual machines (potentially simultaneously). The 10980XE also looks very nice. I'll look more into its capabilities. But just so it is clear, the Threadripper is completely off of the table? Should I just forget about using it? Also, what is your recommendation for GPU based off of the ones I am considering? Best regards!
  4. Hello all, [If this post is in the wrong place I will gladly remove!] I've decided that it's about the time that I start a new Hackintosh build. My last build, Project Ageha, has served me well and to a certain extent continues to do so, but things have changed quite a bit and it can't keep up with my needs as of late. For my new build, I am shooting for a bit of a different setup compared to a traditional Hackintosh rig. What I am essentially wanting to do is build a Linux machine and will subsequently use virtual machines for macOS and Windows. The idea is simple enough I suppose, b
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