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Hackintosh Hackintool - Video Patch - Fast and Easy Solution

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ok thank you for your help.

Does it means I need to modify the clover installation in the efi partition of the bootable usb? ( I did not find any driver 'emuvariable' there though)

Also I was thinking can i change the config plist in the usb bootable installer to use the one you made for me? and add directly to acpi/patched the dsdt that allow the hack to recognize my iGPU?

++ I know AMD is going to release new graphic cards with navi architecture very soon, do you think those cards will be mojave compatible like the rx 580 or the RX 590 ?

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I think it means you need first to check your actual config.plist then you compare it with the one one created through hackintool,

so you will see if there is things added.

On macos I don't know but for example notepad++ has an option to put both script side to side and then color text that you can only find in one on the 2. ^^

Good luck

In my case I have stop trying... though I still don't know if I can install macos using the config.plist, dsdt patch and clover folder for my CPU directly on the USB bootable's efi partition...

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[ref]MaLd0n[/ref], Thank you so much for your quick response.

This is what I've get when I've open it with TextMate:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>














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I already tested all the ig-platform for de Intel HD 4000 mobile. QE/CI Yes. But no HDMI mirror.

Or Integrated or HDMI, never both of then.

ig-platform-id ( laptop): 0x01660004

the integrated screen works, but HDMI no work

ig-platform-id ( laptop): 0x01660003

The HDMI mirror Works, but integrated no work

Can anyone help me? :help

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Hey guys, can anybody help me?

im using Hackintool to patch my igpu, y follow every step of the tutorial, but when I reboot my screen has no signal from de pc; when I boot with a wrong platform id, It boots but with no GPU acceleration.

Here are my specs:

Intel core i3 8100

Msi h310i pro

8gb ram crucial 2400 2x4GB

Intel SSD 180 GB

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This tutorial so aewsome :guitar

I am installed macos Nirresh Sierra 10.12 on my a partition on my Laptop. I didn’t patch any DSDT.aml. Could I follow this tutorial to get full Vram Graphic for my hackintosh?

P/S: my laptop Asus K45A i3-2730M, Ram 4GB DDR3, Intel hD Graphic 3000 2GB

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