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  1. read but I did not understand, you can give me an example thanks
  2. Hi, I wanted to ask in the Open Core 0.6.8 version I saw some news between here in ACPIe utility. Question: Is it possible to know how this utility works Thanks
  3. thanks for the suggestion
  4. the best is to use f8 thanks for the help and advice anto barreca and Maldon
  5. yes I did other tests but nothing, I always have the same problem advice
  6. done as you said, checked EFI windows 10 folder present BOOT folder with BOOTX64.efi restarted it always gives me automatic recovery preparation, or a wheel that turns infinitely in the config.plist I have to set something for windows advice
  7. question: but from the open core version 0.6.6 the BOOT folder and Bootstrap must be deleted I am wrong. so i have to boot windows in safe mode and change the last part to /\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI, I need to install BOOTx64.efi can you confirm
  8. Hi, thanks for your reply and sorry for not replying earlier, I was away on business i followed the guide, but on boot when i start windows 10 it tells me system restore advice thanks
  9. Hello everybody I would like to ask for help, to dual boot Bigsur Windows 10 using open core 0.6.6 i read that windows will boot if you don't provide DSDT or SSDT, i use the dsdt.aml provided by Maldon it may depend on that, or I need to check something else thank you
  10. Hello Maldon I made other tests with the latest DSDT I have kernel panic, see photo advice
  11. Hello Maldon I did some tests and found that the second DSDT, which you passed me is there that crashes, you can check thanks DSDT.aml not working.zip
  12. OpenCore in the EFI of the hard drive using your config.plist and DSDT crashes on the apple using my config.plist without DSDT works advice
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