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  1. Hello Maldon I made other tests with the latest DSDT I have kernel panic, see photo advice
  2. Hello Maldon I did some tests and found that the second DSDT, which you passed me is there that crashes, you can check thanks DSDT.aml not working.zip
  3. OpenCore in the EFI of the hard drive using your config.plist and DSDT crashes on the apple using my config.plist without DSDT works advice
  4. I pass you the result of the usb, I use it to boot Ioreg need more to check? opencore-2020-11-20-134105.txt.zip iMac di Fabio.zip
  5. Hello Maldon replaced config.plist, extracted new sendme https://easyupload.io/si4m78 thanks
  6. Hello Maldon used your app, I'll give you the result thanks https://easyupload.io/lik0lj
  7. Hello Maldon i am trying to use OpenCore 0.63 on Catalina, if i put your DSDT i have a kernel panic if i don't use your DSDT i get to the desktop see photos and Efi OC https://easyupload.io/6eg8w2 advice T Thanks
  8. Hello Maldon after 10 reboots always the same thing here are the photos before reboot advice
  9. I redid various tests, but it always restarts at 12 minutes https://easyupload.io/yeniab
  10. Hello Maldon I prepared the usb for Big Sur installation with Opencore, it hangs here see photo advice
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