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  1. I think it means you need first to check your actual config.plist then you compare it with the one one created through hackintool, so you will see if there is things added. On macos I don't know but for example notepad++ has an option to put both script side to side and then color text that you can only find in one on the 2. ^^ Good luck In my case I have stop trying... though I still don't know if I can install macos using the config.plist, dsdt patch and clover folder for my CPU directly on the USB bootable's efi partition...
  2. ok thank you for your help. Does it means I need to modify the clover installation in the efi partition of the bootable usb? ( I did not find any driver 'emuvariable' there though) Also I was thinking can i change the config plist in the usb bootable installer to use the one you made for me? and add directly to acpi/patched the dsdt that allow the hack to recognize my iGPU? ++ I know AMD is going to release new graphic cards with navi architecture very soon, do you think those cards will be mojave compatible like the rx 580 or the RX 590 ?
  3. thanks Mald0n I just checked for nvram in the bios settings, it seems that there is still 1024Mb pre-allocated I don't know how to use emuvariable driver, I've been looking around through the clover options I did not see any mention of it
  4. Finally, I decided to re-install my hack, so I downloaded 10.14.4 from Olarila and made an USB bootable. But I'm unable to install Mojave ! First I forgot to change the display port cable from my Graphik card to the onboard port = can't boot (freeze at less than 1 minute) I add in arguments : uia_exclude=HS...., I changed to the mobo port still can not boot, same freeze. So I took away the graphic card from the pcie but there is still the same problem!!! I do not understand, because now it is the same conf. that was working before ?!? Did I forgot something?
  5. ok i will but for now is there a way to force the boot to my hack, I think if it is possible to let clover boot without reading the acpi/patched ? So I could then boot and change to the proper clover folder within mojave...
  6. so it means I need to re install mojave since I can't boot, I would have no problem with a complete re-install BUT when I installed windows I used bootcamp to create the usb windows bootable and I have noticed that the windows bootloader has been installed on the Nvme drive where is mojave and not on the SSD where I was thinking it will be (since I choose it during windows installation) So I guess that if I have to do a complete re-installation I will loose access to windows 10... any idea? I know this is me who totally forgot to put the correct clover folder for my chipset aft
  7. ok the hack can not boot normally after i installed the dsdt.aml in clover/acpi/patched, it stops there: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13yHCq0UUGfoNhn3sGTBiM0-uGVbl2huO/view?usp=sharing
  8. thank you very much Mald0n I'll come back here after testing .
  9. ok thank you Mald0n here's the runme file : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LF4QK0fNQB7srBUGT4KPIkMD9ADrfuGk/view?usp=sharing
  10. I just update to 10.14.3, but before that I have changed the config on my PC I put another SSD 1Tb and installed win10 on it and I put my graphic card on that pc (msi rtx 2080). Since I plug the card I have some issue with graphic on the Hackintosh part of the pc, the igpu uhd 630 is no more recognized like it was before I installed the DSDT from Mald0n here's a screenshot https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gqhsSXIrExWgTXL10a6qB1XoDukGn7Ch/view?usp=sharing thanks for your help also after the update I need to use a USB to boot into the hack now I have re-do the disablehibernate
  11. very nice! Thank you Mald0n! well in my case as for now I'm a bit scared to mess with the stuff Mald0n as done for me, but I just have only 1536 Mb VRAM on my UHD 630 I'm using displayport, but the fact is HDMI for now does not work at any resolution. I'm waiting a bit but I will probably buy an rx 590 to solve any video related problems. By the way can I do the update 10.14.3 and if it is possible how to do it? thanks
  12. Mald0n, if I purchase https://www.amazon.fr/Sapphire-11289-01-20G-graphique-Radeon-Express/dp/B07K1YJVCT, I can just plug it on the board, and it will work out of the box? Or I will have to change clover/dsdt ? Thanks
  13. FANTASTIK!!! Mald0n rocks !!!! Thank you a bunch I have audio and monitor is recognized https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hcLN92d7IefICBmieY51qVkYf69fSmZX https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lFCTzHtISSV7Deyc7baim73MAPaIuiEQ
  14. here it is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1npnBUiL5b0UMTt_A0P67t5xxLElHCWTo
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