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Stefan C.

DELL Vostro 3490 won't do anything after clover

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Hello mates,

Sorry if i post on the wrong area but i don't really know where this topic should fit the best.

I recently bought a DELL Vostro 3490 and i am trying to hackintosh it with Olarila Catalina (latest version, 10.15.4).

I made the USB but when i select to boot from it, it enters the clover screen and after selecting the installer (Olarila USB) nothing shows up on the screen (black screen). After some seconds, the fans ramps up but this is all.

Can anyone help me with this? I made the recomanded changes in bios, i tried multiple EFI folders and versions, but in all the cases, this is the result.

My specs:

model: DELL Vostro 3490

CPU: Intel i5 10210u (i saw on the internet that this CPU is supported)

GPU: Intel UHD grpahics from CPU

RAM: 16 GB DDR4 2666 MHz

storage: 1 x nvme SSD + 1 x SATA 3 SSD

Any piece of advice is much appreciated!

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13 hours ago, MaLd0n said:

try with AptioMemoryFix.efi

delete ur drivers folder and paste new there

drivers.zip 41.84 kB · 0 downloads

Same for me. When I update clover to the last version it now shows an error though. It says "Access denied while loading boot.efi" and its a critical error. It shows me the exact same error in opencore  I guess thats the problem, but I couldnt fix it. I tried everything. Bios seems okay (I dont have cfg lock option though). Tried installing clover using uefi boit only and its the same. I have the same processor with uhd 620. I am uploading the opencore log it may help:


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15 minutes ago, Stefan C. said:

Put the preloader in the clover folder and i have the same result: Clover shows up butthe boot doesn’t start. If a try to boot with -v, no text shows up.

I already told you whats the error behind the black screen. In the latest version of clover it says "Access Denied while loading boot.efi". I tried pretty much everything to fix that error without any result. But I won't give up lol

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4 hours ago, MaLd0n said:

i see many people with this problem, in some solve use it

PreLoader.efi.zip 39.96 kB · 1 download

I also tried with that PreLoader.efi and I get this error - "Failed to start loader.efi! Not found" and then clover shows up and when I click install it does the same thing as before - "Access denied boot.efi". I guess my system just dont let those drivers to run. Should I try to downgrade my firmware version? Or try some kind of UEFI settings from windows? I attached a picture


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3 minutes ago, Stefan C. said:

I think we need a custom bios or something. I have a feeling that the stock bios is restricted or something.

Yeh Dell has a complex firmware. I wont give up untill I find what prevents .efi drivers to load on new dell systems though ūüėź At least now I am a step closer because I kinda know whats the problem. I'll keep digging

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Here is the OC output: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p4MicBAaxrt5nLUToR1NYGYFePHQBjWw

Hope this helps with something,


EDIT: Changed some settings in Booter->Quircks and it actually boots. But it locks up here now: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O6xgD9f8QOMkO4A-HWYhPi6LHSreQ9IO/view

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