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(MacOS 12.1/OC) Bluetooth issue on a Acer Laptop (with USB dongle)

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Hello everyone,
My name is Heewen, this is my first Hackintosh, so I am a beginner in this field.
I made one on an Acer laptop that is no longer sold (Acer Aspire V3572PG).
I'm running Monterey 12.1 with the Opencore bootloader.
I'm thrilled because everything works, or almost, I have no audio on my Hackintosh, I first tried with AppleALC, I found that my codec was Realtek ALC283, I tested all the layout ID in the documentation, but none of them worked. My speakers are not detected in Hackintool. I then tried with VoodooHDA, it worked once after 30 reboots and since then it doesn't work anymore. I then gave up trying to get my speakers to work and turned to Bluetooth since I have way too many unused Bluetooth speakers. Now a new problem arises, my Broadcomm chipset (BCM_4350C2) is incompatible. But in the settings, it is still detected and does not want to turn ON.
I thought (naively) that I will order a dongle and it would work, but no. I took an Asus Bt400 (apparently natively supported), but the integrated chip (BCM_4350C2)is still in my laptop and the bluetooth still doesn't want to turn ON (with the plugged USB Dongle) ... However the dongle is well detected. So I tried to disable the integrated chip since it is written that it is a "usb" chip in the SysInfo... So I (re)-used Hackintool in the USB part it does not appear, since it is in fact a PCIe. 
Finally, my last resort was to delete the bluetooth kext in the system library, but I can't delete them (even in sudo in the terminal). Does anyone have a solution to disable this annoying card? Or maybe a solution to get this dongle to work (my last resort would be to reinstall but I had so much trouble getting iServices to work that I don't want to do it anymore). Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me :)
(PS: I added some screenshots to complete, and the display language is French because I'm French)
(PS2: I already tried the BrcmPatchRAM and nothing.....)


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