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Kaby Lake Laptop i7-7700HQ HD620 - Gigabyte Sabre 17

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Hi, I've got a DSDT patch that works however I need to enable more display ports, currently running Catalina.

There are 2 ports attached to the Intel HD620 however only the HDMI port works* and I want to enable the second Mini-DisplayPort ** to use two display outputs, please can you assist?

This laptop has 3 display outputs:

1x HDMI - Intel - Working *

1x MiniDP - Intel - Not Working (Machine Freezes when inserting cable) **

1x MiniDP - dGPU Nvidia GTX1050 - Not working (Will remain disabled)


Send me DK-MBP.zip DSDT_Current_HDMIOnly.zip

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(Apologies for my messy EFI).

I wasn't able to boot with your EFI - I get a kernel panic (also tried with only alcid=1 as it is duplicated). When I changed the boot args to my EFI boot args I get to the Apple logo but progress is stuck at 0% (boot args: -v dart=0 nv_disable=1 -disablegfxfirmware -cdfon -igfxnohdmi lilucpu=9 -lilubetaall keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 alcid=1 vsmcgen=1).


I was able to boot with another Clover that's cleaner but ethernet and HDMI/MiniDP does not work with it. No difference when using the DSDT. (From same laptop and for Catalina)

New RunMe attached. 

If possible, can you update the config.plist & DSDT?

Send me DK-MBP.zip

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Clearing NVRAM didn‚Äôt work, with my boot args¬†the last thing I see before Apple logo is ‚Äúcould not get SMC Provider‚ÄĚ.

When using the standard boot args from your EFI I still get a panic, looks like it still tries to load the dGPU (‚ÄėBegin GFX firmware load process‚Äô)¬†tries about 50 times then ends with panic.

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