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  1. Hi, I get a kernel panic when trying to boot into the 'Olarila Big Sur Beta 2' image/installer using 'OpenCore Notebook Skylake+' EFI** (https://tinyurl.com/swgnojg) and there's no option to choose config2.plist I'm using a KabyLake Notebook i7-7700HQ, HD 620. Should the DSDT which disables my dGPU (GTX 1050) be included in ACPI & plist to get past this? I got the DSDT from here about a year ago - please see attached my current plist for Catalina and OpenCore EFI** and if possible advise where the DSDT or other changes can be made? EFI_NoteBook_OpenCore_Skylake+_Olarila.zip DSDT.aml config_Clover_KabyLake_Catalina.plist.zip
  2. Would this work on a laptop? Or is there just a bigger risk of things breaking ?
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