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Kernel Panic after installing an external PCIe USB3.0 that worked perfectly oob in the past. Mojave

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As mentioned in the title, i started having kernel panics after installingĀ an external PCIe USB3.0 that worked perfectly oob in earlier version that i can't recall at the moment.

I was obliged to install the PCIe card after facing the USB port limit without a solution, i have tried almost every possible patch with NO luck whatsoever, which pushed me into trying to bypass the problem and installing an external PCIe USB 3.0 card, now i'm having this problem:




CPU : i7 870 OCed to 4.0Ghz

Mobo : THB55HD Biostar

Ram : 16Gb.


Any solution would be appreciated.

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I was able to SolveĀ the problem by installingĀ GenericUSBXHCI kext, still even though DPCImanager was able to seeĀ and identify the controller, i wasn't able to see it in System report, USB tree (Nor does USB devices work when i insert them, worked in the past), only shows what i already have 2 Hubs one functional (identifies USB devices and such) and one does not.


I wont lie, this is starting to affect me on a personal level, i tried everything, possible, i asked for help still does not wanna work for some forsaken reason, which started to genuinely drive me crazy. i'm limited to only 4 USBs, on a audio dedicated machine...


I wasn't even able to run the "RunMe" app.




KernelPanic Screen

DPCIManager Screenshot

USB Tree macOS

RunMe Problem, even though RunMe app was enabled in accessibility...


Not sure if this is even solve-able, i tried the other USBs ports when i booted into Windows 10 Install USB drive and they work, so i was sure this is not hardware related, and i'm not sure what to do next, expect hoping for a solution from you.


Have a good day.

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