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  1. tell me what i need to do or test, and i'll do it friend.
  2. No further support or help beyond a generic reply @MaLd0n?
  3. Hi @MaLd0n Thank you for your reply, while this one booted fine, the system it froze after 30 seconds or so...
  4. Hi, i have been scouting the internet searching for a bootable efi for my Msi x99s Gaming 7 without success, after a few days i finally stumble upon an efi folder that boots my machine, found here, but it's stuck @Clover 5119, tried updating to latest clover with no luck, tried every quirck guide from the latest one posted here to other guides on the internet without luck... i get circle with slash. Guide i followed. So i'm posting here seeking help and guidance. Mobo : MSI x99s Gaming 7 (MS-7885) CPU : i7-5820k Ram : 16GB @3200 GPU : GTX 680
  5. I was able to Solve the problem by installing GenericUSBXHCI kext, still even though DPCImanager was able to see and identify the controller, i wasn't able to see it in System report, USB tree (Nor does USB devices work when i insert them, worked in the past), only shows what i already have 2 Hubs one functional (identifies USB devices and such) and one does not. I wont lie, this is starting to affect me on a personal level, i tried everything, possible, i asked for help still does not wanna work for some forsaken reason, which started to genuinely drive me crazy. i'm limited to on
  6. As mentioned in the title, i started having kernel panics after installing an external PCIe USB3.0 that worked perfectly oob in earlier version that i can't recall at the moment. I was obliged to install the PCIe card after facing the USB port limit without a solution, i have tried almost every possible patch with NO luck whatsoever, which pushed me into trying to bypass the problem and installing an external PCIe USB 3.0 card, now i'm having this problem: Image CPU : i7 870 OCed to 4.0Ghz Mobo : THB55HD Biostar Ram : 16Gb. Any solution would
  7. Hello, i'm posting here requesting support for patching DSDT as instructed by the post installation guide. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zM-hpk_xj1TLQ6OoKpQgf0YMZ-VuAnE6 Also i require a help on a private matter concerning something Pro-audio related, that seems to happen only with Mojave and Catalina. Wanna avoid posting a public post regarding this matter.
  8. Hi there, i have tried to install Catalina into my two machines, but no luck. First machine : i7 5820k Msi x99a gaming 7 GTX 770 16gb @3200 Problem : This happens, after i choose to boot into the install partition after selecting the Catalina Flash drive. Second machine : i7 870 Biostar Th55b HD GTX 680 16gb @1600 Problem This happens when i select the USB boot drive. Both machines have Mojave running Stable no issue whatsoever. on the second machine after getting this weird problem, i tried using old Olarila USB drives
  9. And for the first time, i was able to see the Mac os setup Interface on my main machine... i was able after i installed the kext into the EFI clover Kext folder, to boot, after i disabled again some of the controllers, now it boots fine, it is just a matter of getting a drive to install it, as right i don't own a spare one, to continue, but i just wanted to thank you, and i'll keep you updated once i have gone through with the installation, Big Thanks to you and the work you're doing, mush appreciated.
  10. In the past i could not get past the first lines, but i got into bios and disabled some controllers like the USB3 and some other one... now, i usually get the circle with a slash, and each time the problem seems random, even with the circle appears, when i click random keys on the keyboard the it looks like it is still loading, (new lines...) i don't know what should i do, searched the net for this tried and it seems i could never get it to work.
  11. https://www115.zippyshare.com/v/hVVNLeqQ/file.html hope i have done it right.
  12. Hi there, First of all wanted to thank you for what you guys are doing, keep it up, now to the problem i am facing, i'm trying to install High Sierra into my main machine, wish is running : i7 3820 X79A-GD65 (8D) and a GTX 680 i have tried many guides on youtube googled but no luck i'm wishing that you guy be able to help me make this work! Thank you.
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