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Al London

Help please with s5520hc dsdt and ssdt

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4 hours ago, Al London said:

i extract with clover f4 ..all in origin..but dsdt with errors..someone help me to get rid of this errors otherwise i cant even patch..thanks in advance


u need fix DSDT not SSDT


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yes sorry maldon...i cant generate ssdt by pikemethod ..unknow cpu..my cpu is a xeon x5650

can you tell me how to delete all errors in dsdt please??i just extracted from clover...i dissasembly before as well ands continue the errors,so basically i cant patch the dsdt

can you please delete the errors for me?

another question i have is : my mobo is a intel server s5520hc ..is socket 1366 and chipset ich10..should dowload the clover folder olarila from 1366 or maybe a 775??

usb 3 is not working ..thats why all this mess


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