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  1. hi there..can someone help me out with my config.. im on intel server s5520hc with xeon x5650 1366 socket with nvidia gt710 (works obb) and 32 gb ram ive got errors in acpi...usb3 not working any help will be appreciated http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=03926722156178736886
  2. yes sorry maldon...i cant generate ssdt by pikemethod ..unknow cpu..my cpu is a xeon x5650 can you tell me how to delete all errors in dsdt please??i just extracted from clover...i dissasembly before as well ands continue the errors,so basically i cant patch the dsdt can you please delete the errors for me? another question i have is : my mobo is a intel server s5520hc ..is socket 1366 and chipset ich10..should dowload the clover folder olarila from 1366 or maybe a 775?? usb 3 is not working ..thats why all this mess
  3. i extract with clover f4 ..all in origin..but dsdt with errors..someone help me to get rid of this errors otherwise i cant even patch..thanks in advance dsdt.zipssdt.zip
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