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GT710 on Mojave with Black Screen while Ok with HS

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I am updating my old hack (from Mavericks), used as an HTPC connected to my TV, to HighSierra 10.13.6 (17G65) and Mojave 10.14.6 (18G95) with an MSI GT710 1Gb and this works fine with HS but I got a black screen with Mojave.

My MB is a Gigabyte H67MA-UD2H-B3 with a i3-2105 (Sandy Bridge) with HD3000 and a single hard disk with HS and Mojave installed in 2 partitions, booting Clover 4920, SMBIOS 14.1, display is a Dell P2217H with DisplayPort and HDMI.

I first installed HS and Mojave using the HD3000 and both are running well using the Display Port cable (I used patched HD3000 driver from HS for Mojave).

Then I disable the IGP in the bios, installed the MSI GT710 and moved to HDMI cable (there is no DP on the MSI) :

* HS recognized the card and boot properly. It recognize the card as Model GK208B, Device ID 0x128B10DE

* Mojave starts and run (as the disk light flash some time) but no display : black screen to grey then no signal then black

The only change I made for the GT710 was to remove Inject Intel from config.plist

So what's wrong ? I though GT710 was OOB in Mojave ? I do not know if Mojave load the right driver and/or if it fails to use the right port.

I found some posts saying there might have some problems with GT710/Mojave and made some tests : I tried to put lilu 1.3.8 and whatevergreen 1.3.3 in EFI/clover/kext/others, I tried to change system from 14.1 to 14.2 and 18.1 but not change

Any idea ?

How can I check what Mojave is loading as graphics driver and therefore find where is the problem ?

Why HS works really OOB and not Mojave ?

I have attached the config.plist I used for HS and the one for Mojave, main difference is the Model to 13.1 for Mojave, and the clover boot.log with a first boot with Mojave then HS.

I have a second issue which is overscan on my TV. Whith HD3000, I was able to fix that by changing the value of the key "pscn" from 10000 to 9834 in the file /var/db/.com.apple.iokit.graphics

But when I connect my TV to the HDMI port of the GT710, I have instead of pscn a key named "oscn" with a value of 0 and dot not know how to change. I tried to remove oscn and put the same pscn value but on the next boot, oscn appear again and the screen still overscan.

Any help on the 2 issues with be appreciated.


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[ref]pct06[/ref], yes, work oob, don't inject nothing

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Thank you for this confirmation.

I do not inject anything and it does not work with Mojave while it does with HS

So any idea on what could be wrong with Majove ? What to check and where to search ?


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Yes same result on HDMI and DVI port


Finally I made a test in safe mode (-x) and Mojave was booting, GT710 was recognized but no QE/CI nor Metal. Looks like my Mojave was corrupted or had a faulty driver or file.

I finally resintalled from scratch and with SMBIOS 14.2 or 13.2 it works, the GT710 is fully recognised.

I now have to fix error when rebooting as it corrupt the BIOS settings and sleep do not work.

I have posted a request for DSDT/SSDT files in the right DSDT request Thread

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hi,could you tell me how to drive i3-2105's hd3000 in HS??? i have worked for a long while to enable my IGPU hd3000 from i3-2105 ,but it don't work.maybe you could share your dsdt or config.plist or kext,,thank you!!,my emall [email protected]

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