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My Clover boot menu always freezes on the first boot and always works after restarted

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I'm running Mojave on an i7 4th gen with a GTX770, ASUS Z97 mobo, it's super butter smooth, perfect.

The issue I'm having is that when I turn the computer on and it reaches the Clover boot

menu the keyboards seems frozen, then I reset the computer and the keyboard works

perfectly, I can't really tell if Clover itself freezes or if it is an USB issue on the first


Do you guys know what could cause such a annoyance? I can always reboot and it will

work but would be nice to work on the first shot always.

Intel Core i7 4790
Nvidia GTX 770 4GB
Asus H97 PLUS

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[ref]theplague[/ref], TRY THIS EFI



I replaced the contents of my EFI folder with the zip contents and shutdown the PC.

I turned it back on and the Olarila apple flashes but I still could not use the keyboard

until I restarted the PC, as always restarting will make the keyboard work again on the

Clover boot menu.

Please see video attachments.




Intel Core i7 4790
Nvidia GTX 770 4GB
Asus H97 PLUS

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