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  1. Actually I don't remember trying... but I was able to install Mojave no problem, then i went on the bios and disabled CSM + deleted all UEFI keys, tried Catalina installation again and it worked. Thank you.
  2. Tried a few times already but the installation always fails at the last minute, what should I check for? Date is ok, installing APFS on a Samsung EVO950, tried with onboard intel, tried with off board GTX 770, always fails in the end. Intel Core i7 4790 Asus Z97M-Plus nVidia GTX 770 Samsung EVO 950 (no other usb devices are connected other than the keyboard and mouse)
  3. Thanks @MaLd0n, so will only work for video acceleration, I guess I would need a GPU with 4 video outputs 😅
  4. I have a GTX770 and a HD4600, Mojave runs perfectly, haven't tried Catalina yet. The issue is that I have 4 monitors, 2 of them connected to the GTX770, the other 2 connected to the HD4600, and I'm only able to get the GTX770 to output image, the HD4600 does not output any graphics to the other two monitors. Is it possible to use both video cards in my setup to power on all 4 monitors at the same time just like I have it working on Windows?
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