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Check My Rx560

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Hi all,

just installed Mojave on my custom build:

MB: MSI B250M Pro-VD

CPU i3 7100 +8Gb DDR4

Sapphire Pulse Rx560 2Gb

All seems works flawlessly, thanks the guide by MaLdon.

I've only notice one thing, but I don't know if it's normal or not.

Check the image attached, we'll see PCIe channel width x8... but in some image of other members this value is x16.

Considering my video card, it is normal, or maybe I have to fix something?


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many RX560 run at x8, i think all, RX 580+ work at x16

have many reviews, benchs about it

check one here


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(1.95 MiB) Downloaded 1 time

Enable IntelHDGraphics in bios, we need use both GPUs for full solution

Thanks man, but I think you send me a config.plist not made for me. I see that the system number is different from the on provided in my dump... and there's a lot of changes, and the custom flag shikigva=60... I remember that is fo Nvidia Card, not Radeon. Please can you verify the clover path you send me?

Thank you

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use my clover folder above, 60 work for all

Thanks, now i have full acceleration.

But i noticed that you unchecked same config.plist flag, in particular PluginType.

Please can you confirm me that is all ok? I ask you becouse after using your Clover folder, my sleep seems broken, while it was working fine before. May be for my system some of that flags would be mandatory.

Waiting for your tip.





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