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  1. Rebuild kextcache and permissions after every OS update.
  2. Read here: https://github.com/acidanthera/bugtracker/issues/365
  3. Add patch for BADC. For I2C, You should remove VoodooI2CELAN from wherever folder that you had installed it. Only use VoodooI2CHID and VoodooI2C kexts.
  4. [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], I had purposely disabled brightness hotkeys patch to see if the ACPI quirk for non MacOS is working, and it works as documented. Plus, I am greeted by a rather nice surprise https://imgur.com/YZHgZcv Added in 1 minute 39 seconds: [ref]mathewgx[/ref], In short, it means ACPI patches implemented for MacOS will not affect other OS. Just like how clover works.
  5. Dont have to try if it works. Translation is very poor, I thought it didnt work. Enjoy!
  6. [ref]HenriqueSR[/ref], Try it. Extract new sendme.
  7. This is just one of the steps. Did you follow up with the subsequent steps as suggested in original post?
  8. You need to troubleshoot what is wrong with your machine. In some cases, sleep dont work.
  9. You can use SSDT/DSDT/Clover device injection if WEG has no support for the cards in the list.
  10. [ref]kmbeatz[/ref], You have a very messy configuration. If you can boot with Olarila's folder for notebook and upload the new sendme, then I can continue to assist.
  11. I was looking at my built kext from GitHub and saw that the device is indeed included. No idea when dev will officially release though. Kudos to you for the self discovery!
  12. Update BIOS if it's available. Or, wait for new release of kext. You cannot compare battery life between Windows and hack. Generally, battery is bad in hackintosh. Remove VoodooTSCSync.kext if you can boot without it.
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