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X99 Chipset Folder

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Hi I installed your files on the Gigabyte motherboard. I used your Clover folder to which I added the kexts you sent me; I also placed the DSDT in the Patched folder. Everything is working fine except the front 3.0 port that "sees" the external SSD as a usb 2.0 device working at 480 MBP/s. And, of course, the Nvidia drivers of my video card are not there. I guess I will have to wait until Nvidia offers these drivers to users. Next, I will update my two other motherboards with the files you kindly sent me. Thanks again for your incredibly fast and competent help and congratulations for a wonderful web site.

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Wow! Yesterday I did a clean Mojave 10.14.1 on my computer with the Asus X99 mobo. I followed your instructions given in the video. I used the X99 Clover folder found in the "Files download" of this site, copied the DSDT you sent me in the appropriate folder and everything is working great. I still cannot believe how easy it was. Even booting from the USB stick was super fast and with not problems at all. I had no idea installing OS X on a Hackintosh could be so easy. Now I suppose that I can use the same SSD on which I installed Mojave and just replace the ASUS dsdt by the MSI one ant my MSI based computer should work fine. Am I right? Thanks again for your kind help.

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