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  1. Hi I'm already using this X99EFI folder and no matter whether I use your DSDT or not I booting always stalls as shown on the attache pic. Thanks Hi Thanks for providing this dsdt; however when I place it in the patched folder of ACPi the computer does not boot but only shows a white apple. Thanks IMG_0001.zip
  2. Hi Thanks for providing this dsdt; however when I place it in the patched folder of ACPi the computer does not boot but only shows a white apple. Thanks
  3. Booting from USB Catalina 10.15.7 starts normally then restarts. Here is my Origin folder. I hope you can help. Thanks origin.zip
  4. Hi I tried all the solutions you suggested and I still cannot get the computer to boot either from the hard drive or from the usb installer that used to work very well on this computer before the upgrade. I give up. Too bad because it was my favourite computer! I will have to use it on Windows only. Thanks for your kind assistance.
  5. If I understand you right, all of this has to be made using OpenCore which is not compatible with X99 boards.
  6. Hi Thanks. But how do you use those oc quirks? My Catalina usb installer was created with Clover?
  7. I did hit F11 in clover boot screen but nothing happened. Is any kind of text supposed to be displayed on the screen? Thanks I tried hitting the F11 key but nothing changed. Same error.
  8. Hi Thanks for your reply. But I have no idea when you must use F11 key. Is it when booting at Clover window? But on MSI board, F11 opens the Boot Selection Window.
  9. Hi I have that hackintosh X99 MSI SLI Plus + i7 5820K that worked perfectly before I updated to Clover 5122 and Catalina 10.15.6 supplemental update. Since then I cannot boot from the hard drive that worked well before the update neither from the usb installer drive. I wanted to reinstall Catalina but I always get an error that prevents me from getting to the installation window. Please, find the origin folder attached and tell me if you can help me with this problem. origin.zip IMG_0007.jpeg.zip
  10. Thanks so much. Working perfectly after running Olarila Repair.
  11. Thanks so much. I will try this and let you know what happens.
  12. I installed Catalina 10.15.6 on an X99 board and Xeon E5 2620 cpu; I can only boot with -x. What does it mean? What should I do ? Thanks
  13. Thanks so much for your help.
  14. Hi I was able to install Catalina using Open Core but I hav no audio since I don't know the audio codec used by this board. Do you happen to know what codec it is? Thanks
  15. Sorry I did not see your reply until now. I know I have 8 gigs of ram installed but I don't remember if it is one stick or not. I will check that out and let you know. I had no idea I could use OpenCore on this motherboard. Thanks Just checked the ram installed: one 8 gigs ram in green slot. I am going to order a second one.
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