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Hi everybody, it's my first time here (thanks for reading)

Most importantly: I am very grateful with yours. You made my hackintosh mojave possible. I'm learning graphic design and a real MAC is expensive for me for now.

Well but I'm not an Hackintosh expert I continue learning. I've installed High Sierra and Mojave, bootlader ok, apps, sound, graphics (was very complicated at the first time :wallbash ) so I've booting with some flags, for injecting usb, graphics.

I've reading about DSDT and SSDT.I was trying to patch my own dsdt to make my hackintosh more real but I'm stucked.

I own an old Prodesk g400 desktop tower (CORE I5 4th, 8 GB RAM, HD4600 Graphics) but it's enough for me

I've extracted the DSDT in two ways: using AIDA64 (Win) - While CLOVER booting pressing F4. After I run MaciASL and tried to patched. The patch process gave me no errors and I've put the "patched" DSDT in EFI/ACPI/PATCHED but notthing happens. My hackintosh not recognize PCI and 'shutdown', 'sleep' not working. can you help me??




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Hi sir! I'm online again

Well... finally I found the reason for 'shutdown' and 'sleep' issues: my legacy USB WIFI ADAPTER (I'm looking for new card)

Audio is working now! I've patched the DSDT. :frantics:help

it would not have been possible without your help! Thanks alot sir! :D

Obrigado :lol::cap

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