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  1. Hi Snake! How can I get working that card? Radeon Pro WX2100 (trough DisplayPort) I've searching on the web, some people inject ATI with a fake ID 0x67EF1002 on Clover, I've follow the steps but not works. black screen before Apple logo :( I appreciate some help.
  2. Hi máster Yep, I already tried that flag
  3. Hi Orallila, thanks for your help A few months ago my first Mojave hackingtosh was successful. Thanks to MalDon I was able to got working proper my HP Prodesk Intel HD 4600 worked, Native sound ALC worked, WLAN Adapter. Everything was ok. Now, I got a new graphic card RADEON R7 240 GDDR5 2GB. I know, not work OOB then I've tried to enable the card. Things I've tried: -Inject ATI -RadeonInit -Fake ID -WhateverGreen -Lilukext Nothing work for me... Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hi sir! I'm online again Well... finally I found the reason for 'shutdown' and 'sleep' issues: my legacy USB WIFI ADAPTER (I'm looking for new card) Audio is working now! I've patched the DSDT. it would not have been possible without your help! Thanks alot sir! Obrigado
  5. Ok sir. New report: Send me ZEITs-iMac.zip
  6. Thank you sir Ok. I removed Vodoo ketxs and I've update CLOVER. I can boot again with no sound. Shutdown or sleep not working.
  7. I've replaced the CLOVER folder but I can't boot
  8. Hi sir! Thanks for your help. This is my log Send me ZEITs-iMac.zip
  9. Hi everybody, it's my first time here (thanks for reading) Most importantly: I am very grateful with yours. You made my hackintosh mojave possible. I'm learning graphic design and a real MAC is expensive for me for now. Well but I'm not an Hackintosh expert I continue learning. I've installed High Sierra and Mojave, bootlader ok, apps, sound, graphics (was very complicated at the first time ) so I've booting with some flags, for injecting usb, graphics. I've reading about DSDT and SSDT.I was trying to patch my own dsdt to make my hackintosh more real but I'm stucked. I own
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