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x79 2011Socket

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Hi there,

First of all wanted to thank you for what you guys are doing, keep it up,

now to the problem i am facing,

i'm trying to install High Sierra into my main machine, wish is running :

i7 3820

X79A-GD65 (8D)

and a GTX 680

i have tried many guides on youtube googled but no luck i'm wishing that you guy be able to help me make this work!

Thank you.

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In the past i could not get past the first lines, but i got into bios and disabled some controllers like the USB3 and some other one...

now, i usually get the circle with a slash, and each time the problem seems random, even with the circle appears, when i click random keys on the keyboard the it looks like it is still loading, (new lines...)

i don't know what should i do, searched the net for this tried and it seems i could never get it to work.

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And for the first time, i was able to see the Mac os setup Interface on my main machine...

i was able after i installed the kext into the EFI clover Kext folder, to boot, after i disabled again some of the controllers, now it boots fine,

it is just a matter of getting a drive to install it, as right i don't own a spare one, to continue, but i just wanted to thank you, and i'll keep you updated once i have gone through with the installation,

Big Thanks to you and the work you're doing, mush appreciated.

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