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getting Realtek ALC269VB to be recognized on Toshiba S855

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hello everyone,

I have an issue that i hope someone can help me. I manage to get my Toshiba satellite s855-s5381 to working under Sierra almost perfect. with the help of a few people in this forum. but i'm trying to get sleep and audio to work for it to be perfect. i have PM working perfectly well i guess not perfectly because sleep is not working, and also audio. i follow this guide https://github.com/insanelydeepak/cloverHDA-for-Mac-OS-Sierra-10.12 but that's a no go. can someone help me please.

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i'm replying my own post heheh, i managed to get sound working using the appleHDApatcher.app located here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/496-applehda-patcher/ version 1.6 at the time of this post. remember when patching make sure you select realtek alc269VB ver 1, this method works like a charm. just follow the instructions for your specific chipset. now my other concern is sleep, i'm open to any suggestions if anybody can give me a hand with this. this is preventing me from having a perfect OS X experience

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Toshiba Satellite s855-s5381 i7 3630QM ivy-bridge HM76 series 7 w/ Realtek ALC269VB, this dsdt is untouched with the following error

the following errors are:

6126 syntax error, unexpected '}'

6126 syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_EXP_EQUALS

6126 syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_EXP_EQUALS

6126 syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_IF

I just want you to list the patches that you used, because I want to get sleep working


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