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  1. @luizmeliga tenta com essas: Kexts.zip
  2. repaired permissions and rebuilt caches after installing kext?
  3. [ref]khalidthami[/ref], Unfortunately I don't have time to patch AppleHDA or AppleALC unless I get paid for it.
  4. try this: Archive.zip Added in 25 minutes 59 seconds: ComboJack working? any way, try this files, i don't have more free time to patch AppleALC or AppleHDA or similar things. Layout-ID=3 Archive.zip
  5. Sorry for the delay, Honestly I don't have time to patch AppleHDA unless I get paid for it, anyway follows the files. Archive.zip Added in 10 minutes 40 seconds: Try the same files above. use Layout-ID=3
  6. [ref]nikhilrathore_1999[/ref], https://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1933
  7. [ref]nikhilrathore_1999[/ref], Without your codec_dump I can't fix anything.
  8. [ref]nikhilrathore_1999[/ref], Send me your files: DSDT, config.plist, codec_dump.
  9. [ref]khalidthami[/ref], try this:AppleHDA-282.54-ALC294.zip use layout id = 2 in your config.plist or DSDT, delete voodooHDA or similar kext before.
  10. [ref]allanmaximo[/ref], try this:files.zip Remember to have an AppleHDA vanilla at: S/L/E
  11. [ref]allanmaximo[/ref], Send me your files, run the App "RunMe" and post your folder SendMe + codec_dump here.
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