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Gigabyte H410M H V3 / i5-10400/ RX580

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Hi @MaLd0n


I had to reinstall monterey on my device. I was able to install the os with the initial EFI folder. But when I replaced the efi folder with the one you shared after patching, it is giving me a startup error like the image attached. Can you please help me with this

error startup.zip

The issue started after I added a wireless mouse and keyboard. Is wireless keyboard and mouse supported? Also attached is my usb mapped final efi folder.


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@MaLd0n I started up with basic folder, Installed Monterey. added the dsdt.aml file u shared and finally did the usb port mapping. Also I run the olarepair bs app. This is what I did and after rebooting I am getting the below error sometime and is stuck. Sometime restarting again resolves the issue. Am I do something wrong here?



Bootup error 2.zip

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Hi @MaLd0n,


I have started again with the basic EFI mod folder and that have no issues that I shared you before. I am now sitting with an EFI folder that is basic. Awaiting your further instructions. I am sharing my runme app dump.




Send me Donys-iMac-Pro.zip

Also attaching my basic efi folder that I have now


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2 hours ago, donygeorge said:

Is there any specific tutorial that I need to follow to install the Monterey updates on my Hackintosh?

just update kexts and bootloader and go

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