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error compile dsdt onGigabyteGA-EP41-UD3L DSDT-AutoPatch 0.6

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I have problem error compile dsdt on GigabyteGA-EP41-UD3L and DSDT-Auto Patch 0.6

option: extract from system

10:39:52: Trying to download available patches...
10:39:54: Data successfully downloaded.
10:40:28: Pack Gigabyte - GA EP41-UD3L selected.
10:41:02: 'Extract from system' set.
10:41:08: 'Extract from system' set.
10:41:29: Trying to download patch...
10:41:31: Patch file successfully downloaded.
10:41:31: Extracting system DSDT...
10:41:31: Decompiling DSDT...
10:41:32: Parsing DSL code...
10:41:32: Applying patches...
10:41:34: Saving the new DSL file...
10:41:34: Compiling and checking compiler errors...
10:41:34: First compile errors: 7
10:41:34: Fixing errors...
10:41:34: Second compile errors: 7
10:41:34: Compiling again...
10:41:35: Third compile errors: 7
10:41:35: Errors persisted all fixing tentatives, please post this log at Olarila.com forums
[[Line 176 type Error message Object does not exist (OSTP)], [Line 181 type Error message Object does not exist (\_SB.PCI0.PX40.AG3E)], [Line 182 type Error message Object does not exist (SLPE)], [Line 187 type Error message Object does not exist (\_SB.PCI0.PX40.AG3E)], [Line 189 type Error message syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_ELSE ], [Line 191 type Error message Object does not exist (\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.AG3E)], [Line 201 type Error message syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_METHOD, expecting $end ]]
10:41:35: Aborted, compilation failed
10:42:37: 'Extract from system' set.


and upload 2 files for this post :



please help me, very thans :)


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your DSDT is not original

"If you are using the Mac OS version of DSDT Auto-Patcher, do NOT use a DSDT replacement in Chameleon when you run the app, or it will be used as base for patching instead of the original one from BIOS. If you have a dsdt.aml in / or /Extra (or a specified file for DSDT key in org.chameleon.Boot.plist), remove it and reboot before running the Auto-Patcher."

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now run app dsdt auto patch 0.6 in windows and make new dsdt.aml

fix this problem ?


That would work, or if you don't have windows, you can use a linux live-cd or usb mini-distro to boot and extract the original dsdt from there.

Doesn't your mac boot w/o a patched dsdt?

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