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  1. I have mac os lion and run first app DSDT-AutoPatch 0.6 and in efi load my patch dsdt.aml old and chameleon now run DSDT-AutoPatch 0.6 in windows
  2. now run app dsdt auto patch 0.6 in windows and make new dsdt.aml fix this problem ? thanks
  3. I have problem error compile dsdt on GigabyteGA-EP41-UD3L and DSDT-Auto Patch 0.6 option: extract from system 10:39:52: Trying to download available patches... 10:39:54: Data successfully downloaded. 10:40:28: Pack Gigabyte - GA EP41-UD3L selected. 10:41:02: 'Extract from system' set. 10:41:08: 'Extract from system' set. 10:41:29: Trying to download patch... 10:41:31: Patch file successfully downloaded. 10:41:31: Extracting system DSDT... 10:41:31: Decompiling DSDT... 10:41:32: Parsing DSL code... 10:41:32: Applying patches... 10:41:34: Saving the new DSL file... 10:41:34: Compiling a
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