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Asus X99AII+Xeon E5-2620 v.3 Install impossible

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First, I must mention that this computer worked well with Catlina until I did a bios update. Since then all my attempts at installing Catalina or Big Sur with either Clover or OpenCore failed. I even tried to install Mojave and High Sierra but I could not. I have no idea what is wrong, maybe with my bios. Anyway, I am attaching a video and a screenshot of what I can see on the monitor when the installation fails.

I hope someone can help me out.


MAH00289.mov.zip DSC00291.jpeg.zip

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Hi Maldon

I found out the problem which was related to bios settings. Turbo mode had to be disabled. Then Catalina install with your OpenCore folder worked like a charm. Then I tried to install BigSur with your X99 OpenCore folder but installation hangs as on the screenshot attached. Any idea what goes wrong?

Thanks again for your kind assistance

Archive 2.zip

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4 hours ago, laudou said:

I should have mentioned that the original installer works ok until the second reboot with "Mac installer". I did a new attempt at installing BiGSur with OpenCore. On the second reboot, everything looks OK, we can see the progress bar moving but after a fes seconds, it stops moving and goes back to the Clover Window and ''Mac OS installer" in a never ending loop. Installing with X99 Clover gives exactly the same result.


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