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Lenovo G580 (20150)

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I installed Big Sur 11.2.3 to my laptop succesfully with opencore 0.6.7. Everything works, except card reader (I not tried to fix it).



Intel i5-3230m (HD4000)

8GB DDR3 Samsung RAM

Kingston A400 SSD 128GB

Atheros AR9285 WiFi

Atheros AR8162 Ethernet

Conexant CX20590 Audio



Wifi perfectly works with HS80211Family.kext and AirPortAtheros40.kext. The signal is strong, but the status bar icon show low signal. How can I fix it?


If I open the Settings-Audio, I see my sound outputs on my nativ language, but in the status bar, it's english. Can I modify it somehow? I'm using a modified VoodooHDA.kext.

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I renamed my USB Controllers from EHC1 to EH01, and EHC2 to EH02. Remapped the USB ports. Found USBPortsDiscover app, and changed the correct port with Hackintool. When done, I copied the USBPort.kext to EFI/OC and injected to config.plist. Webcam is perfect, but card reader don't work. It's in the list with the correct details, but can't read my SD cards.

It's interesting, as in windows it is SB.PCI0.EHC2.HUBN.PR01.PR14

Here is PR21, but I tried to change to PR14, result exatly the same.

What's missing? 

USB Host

USB Ports Discover

USB Ports in Hackintool

USB in System Preferences


In System Preferences, the Card Reader section is empty.

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