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Tulio Calil

[Catalina and Big Sur] i5 9400F + Asus Prime h310m-E R2.0/BR + Radeon 5500 XT Asus 4GB + Ssd nvme Kingdian 512gb

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Motherboard Uefi configuration:

  1. Go to UEFI Setup (press Delete)
  2. Load optimized configurations
  3. Disable VT-d
  4. Disable CFG-Lock
  5. Disable Secure Boot (just clean all the keys)
  6. Change OS Type to "Other OS"
  7. Disable Serial Port
  8. Save and exit

i5 9400F
Motherboard: Asus Prime h310m-E R2.0/BR
RAM: 2X 8GB Corsair + Hyperx
SSD: M.2 nvme Kingdian 512gb (chinese)
GPU: Radeon 5500 XT Asus 4GB

smbios: MacPro7,1

- Audio: working (panel and Hdmi)
- USB3: working
- USB2: working
- m.2 nvme: working
- SATA: working


Setup photo:


I just used the Olarila Catalina image: Olarila Vanilla Images - Olarila Pre-Made ISO ( Recommended ) - Olarila

And this kexts: (i just remove the Nvmefix.kext)

I used this app to fix mouse flick and enable smooth scroll.





I just update to big sur and get it working!

After update, i just remove one kext: "SMCProcessor.kext"!



kexts.zip config.plist.zip

Edited by Tulio Calil
add update to big sur!
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