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Hello would like to know if i can hackintosh this machine :

Lenovo ThinkCentre E73 10AW

SFF - 1 x Core i3 4130 3.4 GHz - mise à niveau inférieure Windows 7 Pro 64 bits / Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bits, préinstallé : Windows 7 : RAM 4 Go, Disque Dur 500 Go, DVD SuperMulti, HD Graphics 4400, GigE,

https://imgur.com/mdU9Z7Ssee website : https://www.pc21.fr/fiche/10aw008hfr-lenovo-thinkcentre-e73-10aw-sff-1-x-core-i3-4130-3-4-ghz-mise-a-niveau-inferieure-windows-7-pro-64-bits-windows-8-1-pro-64-bits-preinstalle-i530320.html

I read some ppl say problems with clover bootloader  UEFI idoenst work well must install in legacy to boot ?

and will integrated graphics work ok ?(intel HD 4400)

am thinking of making a kind of MacMini machine if possible ^^

thanks for advices

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Hi, installed succesfully Mac OS SIerra, and i'm stuck with sound not working, and as well video intel HD Graphics 4400  only works when "inject intel" checked in config.plist otherwise its 7mb. (it works but it is a bit a laggy feeling on screen, not smooth)

So maybe you can help with this, i  am joing send-me file and "origin" folder of OEM ACPI ->(F4 at clover boot)

origin-E73.zip Send me iMacdeThinkMac.zip

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