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  1. Hi, i'm hesitating to buy a second hand asus vivobooks (small price ^^) but wondering if its gonna be easy to hackintosh its a 2017 laptop and got an nvidia gfx cards -> NVIDIA GeForce 930MX and cpu is intel core i5 7200u. Full specs here : https://www.backmarket.fr/asus-vivobook-s510ur-bq056t-15-core-i5-25-ghz-hdd-1-to-4-go-azerty-francais-pas-cher/347014.html Anyone already hackintosh this ? Thanks for advices
  2. Now no more KP. i had to update clover actually ! now its ok with clover 5129. your dsdt.aml file is fine. Now facing a small graphics problem with intel HD 4400. Its lagging Finder and some sreen savers wont load ( arabesque, shell etc..) it bugs prefs system app and i get errors in console any idea ? Capture d’écran 2021-02-07 à 18.09.39.zip
  3. Thanks, but it doesnt seem to work, when i add the dsdt.aml file i got KP at boot any idea ? panic-dsdt.jpg.zip
  4. Hi, installed succesfully Mac OS SIerra, and i'm stuck with sound not working, and as well video intel HD Graphics 4400 only works when "inject intel" checked in config.plist otherwise its 7mb. (it works but it is a bit a laggy feeling on screen, not smooth) So maybe you can help with this, i am joing send-me file and "origin" folder of OEM ACPI ->(F4 at clover boot) origin-E73.zip Send me iMacdeThinkMac.zip
  5. Ok thanks a lot will try Sierra ( because only 4gb ram now) and let you know,
  6. Hello would like to know if i can hackintosh this machine : Lenovo ThinkCentre E73 10AW SFF - 1 x Core i3 4130 3.4 GHz - mise à niveau inférieure Windows 7 Pro 64 bits / Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bits, préinstallé : Windows 7 : RAM 4 Go, Disque Dur 500 Go, DVD SuperMulti, HD Graphics 4400, GigE, https://imgur.com/mdU9Z7Ssee website : https://www.pc21.fr/fiche/10aw008hfr-lenovo-thinkcentre-e73-10aw-sff-1-x-core-i3-4130-3-4-ghz-mise-a-niveau-inferieure-windows-7-pro-64-bits-windows-8-1-pro-64-bits-preinstalle-i530320.html I read some ppl say problems with clover bootloader UEFI idoe
  7. Hi, for my desktop : z170 + i5 skylake + radeon rx580 : what graphics settings are best for me do you think ? inject intel and inject ATI. I tried both options in my config.plist and after reboot system seems to work the same (or i cant see no difference), but what should be the best thing to do ? i'm just wondering to understand and optimize . thx in advance.
  8. Ok i've found my problem : it's a memory driver problem i added/checked in Clover installer by mistake osXaptiofix3driver instead of aptiomemoryfix. And this was it. So I trashed the fix3driver and re-installed aptiomemoryfixdriver so now i can boot my system ok.
  9. Hi, i decided to install latest's clover bootloader and my system was running ok since this update (MSI Z170 + skylake i5-6500 + radeon 580) it was clover 5105. Now after updating to 5114 i can reach clover bootloader and chose my system from windows, ubuntu or mojave but when i chose mojave i got an error showing : cant read kernel cache, press a key to restart. it only does this with mac, i can start windows and ubuntu ok. Can you explain me what's wrong with this update for me ? below sent my config.plist thanks in advance config.plist.zip
  10. Hi can you help me ? I have changed my internal wifi/bt card which was intel for a DW1560 BCM94352z but bluetooth is not recognized at all while the intel BT was ?? here is my new runMe file link, thanks a lot : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=41280534454914796039 Have a nice Christmas time all !
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