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Dual Monitor Won't Work

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About 2 week ago my HS is working properly with dual monitor(DVI and HDMI).

Yesterday i'm tried to work on HSĀ but as i boot it up dual monitor won't work.

I didn't configure my clover at all. i also checked if the nvidia web driver is true on clover.

2nd monitor(HDMI) is not working.

CPU: i3-9100F/i7-9700
Motherboard: Asus Strix Z390-I
GPU: Asus GTX 1080

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1 hour ago, MaLd0n said:

enable csm in bios

Hi! Already enable in bios. I also tried to default and enable again.

tried also unplugged dvi and let alone hdmi with cms enable and nvdia webdriver on, it loads but it wont continue just black screen after verbose. Tried different hdmi port still same issue.


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10 hours ago, MaLd0n said:

i have no idea what happens in ur case

I think I already isolate the problem.

i have 2 monitor
m1 - 19 inch monitor (DVI + VGA)
m2 - 24 inch monitor (HDMI + DVI + VGA)

both monitor connected on system on boot up m1(DVI) and m2(HDMI) with csm enable on bios and nvidia webdriver

upon bootup only m1 have display and m2 has no signal at all
tried to change the cable of HDMI and HDMI port (2 HDMI port on GTX Strix 1080)

here's are some scenario in port:
m1 - plug DVIĀ (display)
m2 - plug HDMIĀ (no display)

m1 - unplugged
m2 - plug using DVI of m1Ā (display)

m1 - unplugged
m2 - plug HDMI (no display)

m1 - unplugged
m2 - plug HDMI on TV (no display)

m2 HDMI, DVI and VGA is working on windows.


Seems i have an issue on nvdia web driver.

I can boot on HDMI without web driver on clover.

i'm using the DSDT patch i requested from you with 300 series board clover config.

i also took some screen shot from individual monitor.

this is my EFI using to boot up.

i swear this works perfectly about 2 weeks ago.


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