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mohamed saied

Big sur problem hackintosh

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Hi My name is Alan I am Brazilian I am trying to install BigSur in my LGA1366 Huananzhi Mobo, with Xeon x5650, and 8gb ECC ram, Nvidia GT730 Kepler GK208, so I am trying with clover 5119 but no success, I tried with open core but I am getting stuck at a black screen with Red writings on it, the OpenCore on this forums beta 2 of bigsur do not show up on my computer, my computer is legacy It runs an AMI BIOS. And I do not have information to use on the OC Gen X, cause its no Haswell, Broadwell, coffee lake, Kaby lake, its an older mobo. I am sending attached to this message my dsdt from ssdttime. coloquei aqui tbm o print do erro que esta dando com o open core.


DSDT.aml DSDT.dsl

tela do erro.zip

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What kind of problem? its OpenCore Error, I don't know what to do. I know that with open core I can run Big Sur on this machine! But I do not know how! I am running Catalina Using DosDude patcher, believe-me or not, the Catalina image on this forum do not install on my machine. 


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45 minutes ago, alandcarvalho said:

believe-me or not, the Catalina image on this forum do not install on my machine. 

Olarila image is vanilla. u need system mod for ur hardware

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cara voou falar em portugu√™s mesmo! rsrs Eu uso a imagem de voc√™s de todas as vers√Ķes com o Clover at√© o Mojave sempre instalou agora que ta dando essas dicas com o Catalina e com o Bigsur, eu n√£o sei o que mudou! O instalador do bigsur com o Clover 5119 que ta instalado aqui ele come√ßa e para na tela que aparecer os escritos em cinza antes de ir pra tela que tem os textos da apple carregando. ai n√£o sei como fazer o instalador do bigsur subir! o Catalina como eu falei consegui instalar patcheando ele com o instalador do dos dude.

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