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backlit black screen after "sucessful" verbose for install

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hi so my specs are on my profile the main problem is if i used the DSDT.aml (provided by @MaLdon on discord never even booted but booting from the native bios.aml did get into verbose but a written after a supposed sucessful verbose boot i just get a black backlit screen i tried -disablegfxfirmware and other flags to try to remedy the problem to no avail

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  • CPU
    Intel Xeon W3550 quad core
  • Motherboard
    HP 084ch
  • GPU
    XFX Radeon rx 480 (580 the gpu's fan doesn't kick on) (8 gb)
    edit: managed to install/boot without HWAccel by changing fake id to 0x12345678 awaiting further instructions 
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I tried editing the config. UEFI shell through the UEFI edit command but the changes won't show even if I save it to a different file

Sorry about the typos I am using Android to text to speech okay if so I have no OS to edit config. Plist manually 

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