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Universal App Quick Start Program - MacOS 11 ARM

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Hi guys,

I have noticed, that Apple has launched Universal App Quick Start Program and DevKit which i basically MacMini with A12Z chip ( A64 – ARMv8.3‑A ARM chip )

But my country in not in the list of eligible country list - btw Maldon's country Brazil is also not in list, so i cannot receive this piece of hardware for tests and eventually reverse engineering :(

There are also underwater stones:

- 500 USD for rental, the DevKit must be returned after program ends
- strict policy agains hacking attemts, otherwise dev account gets banned (99 USD RIP)



So any ideas how can i get this new Transition DevKit ?

Many thanks in advance !

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6 hours ago, MaLd0n said:



Brazil is not in the list, neither is Bulgaria, nor Romania ... Apple <3 Eastern Europe haha ... But notice Mexico, China and Russia (best friends of US) are in the list ...

Apple policy - best policy !


Moreover :

"2.2 No Other Permitted Uses You (and Your Authorized Developers) may use the Developer Transition Kit only for the purposes and in the manner expressly permitted by this Addendum and in accordance with the Documentation. You agree that neither You nor Your Authorized Developers will:

(g) move the Developer Transition Kit from the country to which it is originally delivered, without Apple's prior written consent; or (h) export, re-export, or import the Developer Transition Kit (or any part thereof)."


"The Universal App Quick Start Program fee is non-refundable, unless otherwise agreed by Apple, and is not a sale of the Developer Transition Kit or any form of transfer of ownership rights in or to the Developer Transition Kit."

Pay for renting the DevKit and cannot move it to other country ... wtf policy and free market 🤐

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2 hours ago, Morselina said:

Pay for renting the DevKit and cannot move it to other country ... wtf policy and free market 🤐

ye. let's wait good beta and f@#$% apple 😄

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