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Final tweaks using opencore

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Hi All,


After some help if someone would be so kind.


I have the below system:

Asus z390 prime a 

i9 9900kf

64gb 3000mhz corsair vengeance ram

sapphire nitro+ rx5700 XT

nvme for windows 10 

ssd for Mac OS catalina


I have everything running perfectly apart from sleep using opencore.  iMessage iCloud App Store FaceTime are all working spot on.  The only thing that isn't working is sleep.  When I was using clover this worked without fail on the old rx580 that I had but I could not get DisplayPort working on the new card so switched to opencore which boots more quickly and looks to be a great option and also gives me working displayport.  

However when I sleep the system it instantly wakes and when I put sudo pmset -g into terminal I get the following response 1 (sleep prevented by UserEventAgent, sharingd) But nothing is turned on for sharing.


All of the guides advise against using sleep so I am struggling to find what the settings should be and would like to get it working as I always use it and find it works for me.


Any help would be massively appreciated 





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