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stuck on the catalina 10.15.4 installation screen

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Stuck in the installation of Catalina in a Hakingtosh.spacer.png




Asus Tuf gaming plus H310
Processor:Intel G5400
Memory:   ddr4 12Gb Balistix
Ssd Nvme m.2: Kingspec 256 Gb
Hdd Sony 1Tb
FonteÇ Corsair:500w

Trying to boot the installation with the following settings:

fakecpu Id:0x0306a0

Igpu   0x59168086   0x59120000

Startup instructions: The same ones loaded in the plist in the Catalina 10.15.4 image obtained in Olaria.

Please help me!

Also follow the error images


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2 hours ago, luckbacknow said:

I did it for diskimage without success, same mistake.

u need a full dsdt patch

Extract tables with F4 key in Clover boot screen, files generated in Clover/Acpi/origin, post here

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Samuel e Mayconliboriofrom the hakintosh Brazil domain, gave me a lot of support here and gave me a direction in which I was able to advance in the installation

with the files SSDT-EC.aml e config.plist files. They reported to a discussion in https://www.tonycrapx86.com/threads/solved-stuck-at-debug.292201/post-2092037.

Therefore, I was able to start the installation that always stopped with 2 minutes left for completion. I discovered that I needed to manually restart to proceed with the process, I also discovered that the partition table needs to be APFS and not journaling. From there I came to the following screens.


I chose this option


I get to here and freezes, then restart again and I have the screens below.









I have a doubt which one to start with and the most I got was until now




My project consists of a trial boot Windows, Ubuntu and Macos. Windows is installed in an NVME that I removed to avoid errors, and will be inserted after finishing the installation of the Mac, while Macos and Ubuntu, share the same HDD with partitions in Ext4 for Ubuntu 250Gb and APFS 250Gb considering that using Journalig did not advance for me.

Help me please!








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Hello MaLd0n, passing a feedback here, I added the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext drive in the other folder and I was not successful, so I took a position,
 I took the config.plist and DSDT.aml from the clover folder you sent me and put it in my old clover folder, I also kept the SSDT-EC.aml file in the folder
 pached. Another point, I added in the config.plist that you sent me the command line below
          <key> Comment </key>
          <string> Fix 300-series RTC Bug </string>
          <key> Disabled </key>
          <false />
          <key> Find </key>
          <data> oAqTU1RBUwE = </data>
          <key> Replace </key>
          <data> oAqRCv8L // 8 = </data>

Installation successful!

I thank you for your attention

Now I find only problems with audio that doesn't work, could you help me with that?

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