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Windows doesn't appear in clover

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Hi, some months ago I installed High Sierra with Olarila ISO, all working perfectly. I had dual boot with Windows 10 and High Sierra and I could access both without problems.

Today I formated Windows 10 disk and reinstall it again, but when I finished and boot Windows 10 entry doesn't appear at Clover anymore. I think I should refresh my config.plist somehow to it show me Windows again but I don't know what should I do.

I attach my config.plist.

Thanks for your help.



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Check your config.plist in clover and sere if you have it disabled. 

Z77 Build= Quad Boot Win 10, Win 7, Mojave, Kali Linux (learning). 2x NVME drives, 1X Samsung EVO SSD, 1X 16GB USB 3.0 (Kali) 1X 1TB WD storage drive, GTX770, 16GB Gskill ARES,

Work in progress1: P35-DS3R,  Xeon 3360 @3.2GHz. 8GB ddr2 800, Tri-Boot system.

Work in progress2: G31M-ES2L, Q9650 @ 3.2GHz. 4GB ddr2 800, Tri-Boot system

Waiting on case for next build.....


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