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USB Problem. HELP.

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I've installed macOS Catalina on my laptop Lenovo S340 14 IWL.

The Specs:

Processor: Intel i5 - 8265U

Graphic Card: Intel UHD 620 + Nvidia MX 230

Ethernet: N/A

Wifi: USB WiFi TP Link TL-WN725

RAM : 4GB On Board + 4GB SODIMM

macOS Ver: 10.15.3 (19D76)

Clover : r5103

Installer Source: Olarila.com


I've just realized that I have some problem with USB Port on my laptop. The case are like this:

1. While I plug USB WiFi into USB Port on the right side (on the right side have two port, all the port are USB 3.0), the Wifi is normal without any problem. But,

2. While I add USB 3.0 storage device, (the condition is port 1 for USB Wifi and port 2 for storage device, use them together) like Flashdisk or External Drive, the wifi suddenly stop working. The wifi isn't disconnect, but I can't use the connection to browsing/surfing. 

3. The laptop has USB C too, but the USB not interference the USB 3.0 ports

Does anyone here know what's the solution to makes the USB normal? 

Archive.zipLooking forward for the idea.

Here's the ioreg and screenshot on attachment.


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