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  1. Well, let's go troubleshoot. First, for initial boot a.k.a installation, use essential kext only. Lilu, Whatevergreen, VirtualSMC (and SMCBatteryManager), VoodooPS2Controller are the needed ones. Use USB Mouse is simpler than enable the I2C Touchpad. But, if you want to try, here's the trial: Add VoodooI2C and the satelite (I assume your stelite is HID). So add, VoodooI2C and VoodooI2CHID. Add SSDT-XOSI to OC/ACPI Add ACPI Patch : _OSI to XOSI (select from patch dropdown menu). On this state, your touchpad should work like mouse with click. Note: Some of
  2. For kb, use voodoops2controller.kext, especially the one that ONLY has voodookeyboard as plugin For touchpad, use Voodooi2c, and satelitte kexts respective to your device. Also use SSDT-XOSI with _OSI to XOSI patch on acpi section
  3. I manage to succesfully enable it by inject some properties via config.plist
  4. No need to patch DSDT or add ssdt?
  5. anyone could help me to understand or could explain to me what are the different between alc-layout-id and layout-id in audio injection?
  6. First, try rebuildapplemap set to no, and setupvirtualmap to yes. If those didnt work, then try applecpupmcfglock to yes, and xcpmcfglock to yes
  7. The initial boot is preboot, right? After you install some apps it might becomes your HD name.
  8. And why dont you write down your hardware spec, effort you made, how you made the installer, how you configure your efi folder, etc. Might someone here would help you.
  9. Add SSDT - XOSI or patch the GPIO via DSDT. From Indonesia?
  10. Inject framebuffer properties visa config.plist or DSDT
  11. Okay. My question no 2 : Does the RX580 no need any patch to be enabled? A.k.a natively supported by Big Sur?
  12. 1.How to make the processor recognized our Processor name? Like your 8-core intel xeon W 2. Does the RX580 no need any patch to be enabled? A.k.a natively supported by Big Sur?
  13. This efi has problem that hasn't solved yet. Does your MSI has same specc?
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