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  1. And then, what about the CRS and IRQ value for example in the I2C device such as TPAD? We need to copy from dsdt?
  2. Alright. Btw, could we patch like device SATA, HDEF,GFX0,I2C from single SSDT. As you did in SSDT Olarilla?
  3. How to do it? Do we need download full installer (approx 12gb) and the double click it (app on application) and then next next next?
  4. Mine automatically set to 1920x1080. Did you make the installer by yourself?
  5. You will never see your cpu detailed description of your cpu there. May you choose the correct smbios and connect to internet. Then the it will update the description.
  6. What do you mean by unnamed? Where did you see?
  7. It's easy on my machine. Just download and the system will do their job. But some user reported kernel panic and 'Full Installer Required' case. Just try then, but beta 9 broke hevc. Add boot arg 'debug=0x100' and 'keepsyms=1' then post the pic where does it stuck/boot. Always include the picture so we might know what's is the cause.
  8. could I do update from installer without losing any data?
  9. the post install are including fix ogpu acceleration, touchpad, and audio. Some of kext might work, but for future circumstances, please update to latest release of each kext.
  10. Hey, Could we update macos to latest release through full installer, not update package itself? If yes, How to do it?
  11. Niresh system is modified. Better you download olarila, since it was a vanilla image.
  12. Add debug=0x100 and keepsyms=1 and try to boot
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